Puddles, mud, torrential rain, ice and snow – this soggy season isn’t for the faint-hearted or for anyone still wearing brogues and plimsolls. In fact, if you’re not laced up in a pair of hardy, good lookin’ Base winter boots yet, we’re pretty sure you have frostbite, trench-foot or a combination of the two by now.

If you’re well and truly ready to invest in some seriously suave leather, you’re going to want some style pointers. Here’s a quick style primer to help you get your wet weather January look together…

Socks & Cuffs

    socks and cuffs

If you’ve invested in a swanky pair of winter boots, whether you’ve opted for a retro Chelsea boot or a lace-up ankle boot, don’t hide your phenomenal kicks from the world. Wear them with pride. A rolled cuff paired with a dapper sock are just what the doctor ordered. Take your cues from these well turned out (and turned up) gentlemen.

socks and cuffs 2


Socks and Cuffs 3


Office Attire

Office Attire 1


The commute can be sheer misery in gloomy January, especially if you end up with soggy brogues before Monday’s even begun. A formal boot can look seven shades of sharp in an office context. Allow us to recommend our Saffron Waxy Brown Chelsea boot which will more than rise to the occasion. Here’s how it’s done properly…

Office Attire 2


Office Attire 3

Office Attire 4

Staying Snug

Staying Snug 1

Your feet are being well and truly looked after, but what about the rest of you? A bulky winter coat over a rolled or tucked in trouser is an unassailable look this winter which will keep you warm and looking sharp as you like. For a more casual vibe, our Hilary Urban Tan Brogue Ankle Boots will see you right.


Staying Snug 2

Staying Snug 3
Staying Snug 4


Staying Snug 5

How are you wearing your Base boots this winter? Are you a Chelsea boot boy or an ankle boot man? What’s your take on a rolled cuff? Let us know below.