Tennis has been the only thing on our minds lately! Despite fantastic wins for Novak Djokovic and Serena Williams, we’re still very proud of homegrown athlete Andy Murray for his strong performance throughout the championship.

We feel like it’s the perfect time to look back over some of the male athletes who have graced Wimbledon’s centre court over its 138 year history. For many, their appearance on and off court has attracted as much attention as their serve or backhand. Today we’re taking a closer look at some of centre court’s most stylish men and celebrating some of Wimbledon’s best dressed gents over the years.


5. Bjorn Borg

1. BB

Innumerable tennis players have tried to make the “long hair and sweatband” look work, but few have been as successful as 1970s Swedish tennis icon, and multiple consecutive Wimbledon winner, Bjorn Borg. Considered by many to be one of the greatest tennis talents of all time, Borg cut a dashing figure on and off court, favouring skin tight pinstripe polo shirts which stayed looking pristine even after the 5th set. After retirement he launched the highly successful Bjorn Borg fashion label in his native Sweden which is considered second only to Calvin Klein in the country.


4. Roger Federer

2. Fedrer

One of tennis’s few contemporary male fashion icons, Swiss player Federer certainly gives Murray a run for his money both sartorially and sportingly. Known for his pristine, clean cut style and mop of wavy hair, this star of centre court and world tennis cuts an understated (and occasionally flamboyant – take a peek at this 2009 Wimbledon warm up suit), yet effortlessly chic figure.


3. Arthur Ashe

3. AA

Multiple grand slam winner and powerful civil rights advocate Arthur Ashe was also something of a style icon in tennis in the 1960s and 1970s. Often seen sporting a neat afro or a pair of stylish spectacles on court, Ashe’s accessories were always en pointe.


2. Boris Becker

4. Boris

1980s and 1990s German tennis legend and now prime pundit Boris Becker cut a dapper figure on the court and in his private life. From Ellesse track tops, to immaculately tailored shorts, Wimbledon’s youngest ever winner and one of its most notorious figures was a sporting fashion icon of his day.


1. Andre Agassi

5. Agassi

Australian player Andre Agassi blew a revolutionary breath of fresh air into tennis fashion and on court play in the 1990s. Famed mullet wearer and all-round on court fashion maverick, Agassi’s aggressive style was as famous as his disregard for tennis fashion convention and his love of Nike Air Tech Challenge footwear.

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