Are you afraid of white jeans? There’s no shame in that. This key menswear trend is everywhere this summer, and it could be the downfall of many a SS15 outfit. Get it right and you’re Steve McQueen. Get it wrong and, well, you’re not.

So should you embrace this summer trend, or should you stay safe in darker denim? We debate the pros and cons below…


PRO: You look cool as ice


There’s no denying it, the right white jeans can look embarrassingly cool (to everybody else, that is). Get the fit, the length, the material and your clumsiness under control and your white jeans become attention grabbing for all the right reasons. There’s a confidence and a swagger to white jeans which transcends that old rock’n’roll black jeans image. Lighten up and get noticed.

CON: BBQ sauce is your nemesis


Summertime may be prime white jeans terrirory, but it’s also the season of white jeans’ nemesis: barbeque sauce. In fact, anything BBQ related could spell social-outcast-inducing shame for the white jeans wearer. If you’re a rough and ready sort, or bad at finding your face with a beef burger, you may want to pass on this trend. Sorry, my friend.

PRO: Fit is surprisingly simple


There’s no need to worry about styles and cuts with white jeans. There is really only one choice if you want to get this look right: slim fit, not too tight, not too baggy, with the hem resting just above your shoe. Any tighter and you’ll look borderline pornographic, too baggy and you’ll look like Clarkson on holiday in the Riviera. i.e. Not cool at all. And don’t even thing about embellishments, rips or distressed-look options. Just don’t.

CON: People might think you’re emulating Johnny Borrell


If you’ve managed to forget lacklustre Razorlight frontman Johnny Borrell, you’re one of the lucky ones. Forgettable he may be, but you’ll want to steer as clear from these comparisons as possible. Another very fine reason to keep the skin tight look at bay.

PRO: They set off classic shoes a treat


If you’re a shoe man, you’ll be pleased to hear that white jeans are the perfect platform for your favourite pair of classic shoes (have a gander at our classic selection if you need some inspiration). Unless you plump for a chic white tennis shoe, you should look for a stark contrast to avoid looking like a dentist or a cult leader. Classic brown brogues work an absolute treat, if you want our opinion.

CON: These are NOT all weather trousers


A saunter through a sunshine dappled park, absolutely. A relaxed pint in your favourite sunny beer garden, happy days. The commute to Reading in the tipping rain, not on your nelly. In the wrong context, white jeans really can look laughable, so you’ll need a few darker back ups for those days when the sun fails to shine.

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