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In this article we’re going to focus on what to wear with mens tan shoes. This blog merely provides pointers and we encourage you to take this as inspirational guidelines, not gospel.

We’ve put together a collage of different outfits and interpretations on how to style your tan shoes. If you’re looking to upgrade your wardrobe then you might need to start from the ground up.

They say that women notice shoes on a man first, so make sure you’re making a good first impression.

Are tan shoes casual or formal?

tan shoes

We should start by saying tan shoes are very casual. Unlike a pair of brown shoes they can’t slide surreptitiously into dress shoes and hope to go unnoticed.

Even if the gentleman is wearing formal wear, tan shoes will dress down a formal look into smart-casual.

This can work to the gentleman’s advantage if he is attempting a more youthful look, or simply wants to come across less stiff.

Tan shoes contrast well against blue jeans or a navy jacket as highlighted in all the styles above.

Let’s talk Taupe

style with tan

Taupe is a close cousin to the tan shoe. It’s the lighter, most casual end of the tan spectrum. 

In the slide above we’ve highlighted some some casual outfits that we think have nailed the look perfectly.

They’ve injected a fresh, Spring/Summer vibe by pairing a taupe garment with a taupe pair of shoes. The open shirt is suggestive and also signifies confidence.

Where to wear tan shoes?

smart casual

If you’re on a first date or you work in an office that allows informal dress, then tan shoes are a perfect go-to work shoe.

Unlike a pair of sneakers, they do smarten up a look and make a very simple casual outfit quite respectable.

A white mid-sole on a tan shoe or loafer is also a really sophisticated look.

Other style ideas we like

mens fashion shoes

You can wear tan shoes with either over sized chinos or a slim fit pair of jeans. (See above).

After looking through a multitude of different style catalogues we found trends of neutral colours, different hues of blue, tan and white.

Often the gentlemen would wear a brogue shoe, semi brogue or slip-on loafers and nearly always a brown leather belt.

Out in the field

what to wear with tan shoes

We sell a plethora of tan shoes, whether you’re into a toe cap style or classic brogue, we cater for all tastes.

We’ve also extensively covered what to wear with tan boots in a previous post. A lot of gentlemen opt for suede chelsea boots in tan.

This is probably because the chelsea boot is a derivative of the desert boot which is also typically in tan.

We nearly forgot

We all love an encore right? I’m sure you won’t need us to tell you that the tan brogue can also be incorporated to a mature and tailored look.

In the photo above we’ve highlighted three different colours for single breasted suits with flat front trousers. Extra marks goes to the gentleman in the middle for wearing a matching tan leather belt.