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So you’ve purchased yourself a new killer pair of tan boots. Now what? Simultaneously you have developed a complex, what can I wear with them?

Is there a colour pairing chart I need to abide by? Is there a glib rhyme like ‘don’t wear brown in town’ that will aid my decision making?

Crikey what’s with all the rhetorical questions? I sound like Carrie Bradshaw all of a sudden. It must be because I’m talking shoes.

First off it’s important to recognise this is not a gospel on how to wear tan boots, merely guidelines that will hopefully inspire you to interpret in your own style.

Mark Wright Style


One of the most popular casual outfits to pair with tan boots is a the simple blue-on-blue jean and crew neck jumper.

We’ve highlighted Towie’s Mark Wright wearing a pair of chelsea boots with a tapered denim jean and navy jumper. The look is clean, smart-casual with a collared shirt tucked in underneath.

Notice here one of the golden rules on how to wear tan boots is to pair the accessories accordingly. The tan leather belt completes the look perfectly.

Our burnished suede Chelsea boot is a close comparison, only with a darker contrast in the mid-sole and gusset.

tan boots


The flannel shirt, or lumberjack shirt, is a very striking and powerful way to show off your new Tan Boots. It oozes a certain rugged masculinity and emits a signal that you’re a man whom craves new adventures in the great outdoors.

The desert boot is also a great pairing with a checkered shirt and faded jeans. But they can also look to close to being your work boots. The tan boots are what discerns the look and draws focus to your new footwear.tan boots


Whilst everyone else is styling their black biker jackets with their Dr Martens, you’ll be the only one at the party that thought to bookend your look with a matching tan or brown coat.

In the example above you’re eyes are instantly drawn to the gentleman wearing the tan-fleece lined coat. His chukka boots match perfectly and coordinates the overall look. If the coat is oversized you can wear some fitted distressed denim as opposed to skinny jeans.

tan boots


This works equally well with brown shoes. Earth colours such as walnut, auburn, olive green, cream and of course tan, share a symbiotic relationship.

They all bring something to the table and when punctuated by a pair of tan boots, really deliver a classy out-of-city look.

Try wearing your tan boots with an olive green tweed jacket over a darker contrasting knit paired with a raw denim. Edwin is always a decent place to find raw selvage denim.

tan boots


For style inspiration many folk turn to Pinterest accounts. I’ve trawled a few in researching this post and found that tan boots really come in many guises. A lot of known celebs wear chelsea boots, more often a light tan pair of boots like the ones you see Lenny Kravitz wearing.

Daniel Craig is a fan and often wears a deeper shade of tan. You’ll notice a running theme is the casual denim look.

They can all be worn during daytime events with a variety of different outfits. Ripped denim, cardigan, long sleeve tee and so on.