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In this article we want to share with you some style guides on what to wear with mens navy shoes.

It’s not often you see a man about town rocking Navy shoes in a formal setting.

Navy shoes won’t offer much contrast if you’re wearing indigo jeans or a dark suit. So when can you wear them?

We’ve put together some slides that will hopefully offer some guidance on how to style your Navy shoes.

navy loafers

When on holiday, the Navy slip-on is an essential addition to any gentleman’s holiday attire.

When traveling abroad you don’t want to be packing too many pairs of shoes. They take up so much space in the luggage.

The Navy loafer is a great versatile shoe that can be worn during the day by the beach or dressed up for an evening dinner.

In the slide above you can see our Base London loafers can be worn for relaxing or dressed up with some smart chinos and a polo.

In the Navy

navy loafers

When researching this article we found an abundance of gentlemen wearing Navy shoes minus the socks.

This is perhaps the only way to offer any contrast when wearing a Navy suit with Navy Shoes.

One noticeable thing with the two gentleman in the slide above is how wearing Navy, almost brings an element of blue to their grey hair. Like a trick of the light.

It’s a celebration of smart-casual. These men are not looking for your approval. They are dressing for themselves.

Very clean lines, simple layering and well cut blazers, varying lapels and structures.

Navy Shoes on the street

street style navy

Navy shoes and black shoes are close cousins in many ways. They’re both very traditional colours and look great with traditional styles.

When choosing what to wear with Navy shoes you don’t need to search for abstraction.

In the slide above the gentleman on the left has styled his Navy derby’s with slim dark chinos and a short zip bomber jacket.

It looks effortless, but its very coordinated, effective and minimalist.

On the right hand side Idris Elba showing us a more urban style. His blue suede chukkas with a tan sole are a perfect fit with his faded denim and hooded field jacket.

The Collegiate look

simple style for men

It’s just the defining Spring/summer look.

If this summer will be as good as the last here in the UK, then we can momentarily dispense with the black leather boots and indulge in some fresh Navy shoes.

In the slide above you can see how the colour coordination is kept muted, simple and classic.

The Navy blends beautifully with either white or off white. Shoe styles can vary between Navy loafers or suede brogues.

Remember to keep the style of shorts well tailored and on, or just above the knee for a tailored look.

Other looks to consider

navy shoes and suits

The styles above some indicators that not all suits need to be worn with brown shoes or other formal footwear.

The gentleman on the far left is wearing a pair of Navy monk strap shoes with a working 4×6 double breasted jacket.

In the middle, a gentleman is elegantly sunning himself in a single breasted Navy suit with matching loafers.

The gentleman on the right has managed to incorporate extra blue into his outfit by pairing his blue suede shoes with a button down blue shirt.