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On your latest fashion haul did you opt for a pair of burgundy shoes? Now you’re slightly stumped, does it go with your black suit?

Can they be seen in the same company as a pair of blue jeans? In this article we’ll offer some style guidelines on what to wear with burgundy shoes.

The Heavy Cloth

heavy suit fabric and shoes

Nowadays technology in fabric production has evolved to crazy heights. For centuries, the fineness of quality wool ran from 30s to 100s.

(The number is deduced by the amount of times a wool is spun on a yarn spool from a single pound of wool).

That started to change around the 1950’s, as refined weaving technology made it possible to break the 100s barrier.

Notice the 3 suits above are all inspired around a classic era of heavy duty fabric.

Certainly the gentleman on the right has the heaviest with the double reverse pleated trousers with a high rise.

Lighter shades of burgundy can look similar if not identical to brown shoes.

When getting tailored for a suit ask your tailor whether a classic double pleated trouser or a flat front would suit your frame.

The Dandy

burgundy shoes

The two gentleman in the photo above are doing their level best to stand out from the crowd. Whilst scrolling through Pinterest we became acutely aware that many gentlemen would opt for a pin stripe or navy suit when styling their burgundy shoes.

The gentleman on the far left has a variety of accoutrements and clearly takes his style game quite seriously. Notice the gloves, the pocket watch and the matching tie and fedora. His burgundy socks also tie the look

How to colour match

Pocket square and shoe styling

We’ve highlighted two gentleman in the photo above that have gone out of their way to colour coordinate.

Whilst burgundy doesn’t typically fall under the category of ‘dress shoe’, (black shoes will always be the ultimate dress shoe) the sleek, refined finish it can give to any suit means it can be worn to many upmarket events.

In fact for the gentleman who choose to wear burgundy to the office or on a dinner event, will certainly ameliorate himself from his contemporaries. If you can bring other elements of burgundy into the outfit, albeit a burgundy tie or pocket square.

The Cobalt blue suit and sockless look

shoes and no socks trend

We’ve spoken about the sockless look before on the blog. Whilst being a divisive look it’s still one that can be compatible with either a single or double breasted cobalt blue suit as demonstrated by the two gentleman above.

For further information on how to successfully pull this look off we recommend you also take a look through our blog archives for further advise on how to wear loafers.

Other ways to wear Burgundy Shoes

david gandy and shoes

Notice that there has been little mention of black jeans, black trousers, black leather accessories etc. These aren’t really conducive when it comes to wearing burgundy shoes.

David Gandy on the far left is pairing his burgundy oxford shoes with a pair flat front navy trousers and double breasted mid-taupe jacket. Him and the gentleman in the middle with the light brown suit are wearing matching dark brown polka dot ties.

The looks are all brought together by having colours that coordinate, there is no hierarchy. Each compliment each other in their own unique ways.