brown shoes

In today’s article we’ll be giving you some style guidelines on what to wear with brown shoes.

Whether your shoe style swings from chelsea boots to tan shoes, there is always a place in your footlocker for a pair of brown leather shoes.

Blue on Brown

styling shoes and suits

If you’re trying to match your shoes to a certain element of your outfit, there is no better colour than brown. All shades of brown compliment a brown leather accessory, tie or pocket square.

Each gentleman in the slide above is integrating their brown shoes with their blue suits by pairing with the brown hues with various accoutrements. Personal favourite amongst these is the gentleman on the far right.

Notice his blue chalk stripe suit has light brown piping on the jetted pockets of his jacket. These fit elegantly with his lighter brown tie, pocket square and darker shade of monk strap shoes.

Spot the difference

grey suits with brown shoes

The brown shoes and grey suit combination is a common go-to for the 9-5 gent. We’ve highlighted two varying styles in the photos above.

Notice on the left the gentleman has opted for a pair of dark brown monk strap shoes and our brand ambassador Craig Hammond of Eldred Grove (formerly That Dapper Chap), has gone for a lighter pair of brown derby’s.

This is not intended as an excoriating review of the gentleman’s style on the left, but in our opinion Craig has injected a bit more adventure into his outfit.

The suit is more textured, the darker browns on his belt, bow tie, leather satchel, all sit evenly with his brown shoes.

Do you have a favourite from the above?

It’s in the jeans

David Gandy style

A great way to dress up casual outfits is to wear a pair of dark brown shoes.

Notice in the photos above, when formerly suited, male supermodel David Gandy and his friend have opted for lighter shades of brown on their respected toe-cap derby’s and monk strap shoes.

(The brown silk tie and rimmed glasses, tie the outfit together nicely).

Alternatively, when David wears jeans he has contrasted this more by wearing darker browns. When researching this post we seldom came across men wearing brown shoes with a black suit, a pair of black jeans or black trousers.

A pair of black shoes is typically the order of the day in each of those cases.

Brown shoes and brown throughout

how to wear brownsFinally, a shoe-in for a brown shoe is the brown suit. (Thanks, that’s why I get the big bucks). We picked out 3 different styles in the photo above.

The gentleman on the left has contrasted his darker trousers and waistcoat by wearing a lighter tan over jacket over the top. This looked fantastic.

The Adam Lallana looking gentleman in the middle has also blended his browns and plums well. A varying check jacket really brings this outfit to life.

Brown can be a bit of an autumnal look. However, paired with the right colours, in the right fit and cut, you can still look immaculate and trans-seasonal.