brown boots

For my money, nothing says rugged masculinity like a pair of brown boots. We all like to rock a pair, but wait; are you allowed out looking like that? Did you get the OK from your partner before walking out the front door?

Brown boots don’t get the same security clearance that black boots do. They’re not as versatile in the eyes of many. However, we take umbrage with such a notion. In this article we will give you all the necessary guidelines on what to wear with wen’s brown boots.

The Camel Coat

camel coats

The camel overcoat is a fantastic pairing with brown boots. Typically we see gentlemen gravitate towards the chelsea boot, but any style of boot will accommodate this look.

You’ll notice that many fashionista’s will incorporate some element of grey into the colour palette.

The Raw Denim Roll-Up

boots to wear with denim

When it comes to brown boots, we believe the best styling is a simple pair of raw denim blue jeans. It’s tried, it’s tested, it’s timeless.

You might want to opt for either a slim fit or skinny jeans, but the key is to wear denim appropriate for your age.

Denim has been around for eons, worn by all generations, designed originally for work wear so it’s absurd not to think that the seasoned gentleman can’t wear denim.

The key is a decent fit and nurturing the rolls of the denim to meet what’s called the break. (The area where the fabric meets the boot).

Rolling the denim up before the break will show off the cuff will draw focus to the seam; recommended for those wanting to show off the selvedge.

For more information on how to wash your denim, distress your jeans, check out our other article on What is Selvedge Denim?

The Green Jacket

leather boots and green jacket

A common thread we found with the lace up boot, was how effortlessly they went a green jacket.

The earth colours are very entwined with brown boots; you’ll look like a man that sponsors a dolphin. But of course, you’re far too modest and good looking to tell people that.

If you really want to polish off the look don’t forget to involve some brown leather accessory. It brings the look home beautifully.

Which celebs wear brown boots?

celebrities and footwear

A quick scan on Pinterest brought up the usual suspects. David Beckham, Daniel Craig, etc. Daniel Craig in particular loves a desert boot.

But I thought I’d give the dream team the night off. Above you’ll see Kit Harington from Game of Thrones looking like an in-shape Jim Morrison. A burnished brown biker boot, neatly cuffed raw denim that matches his tee.

Eddie Redmayne looking every bit like he’s off to do a spot of punting down the River Cam. Keeps it simple and undeniably collegiate.

Kanye West, mid-swagger has broken up his black outfit with some brown chukkas and the uber cool Steve McQueen also off-sets an all black look in the same way.

I’m not sure how many of us can get away with wearing a gun holster to off-set the turtle neck jumper, still it looks the business right?

Suits and Brown Boots?

Suits and boots

They say it shouldn’t be done, but what do ‘they’ know. In the slide above you can see the late Gianni Agnelli, an influential Italian industrialist and fashionista, wearing a blue prince of wales suit with brown lace up boots.

Does it work as an outfit? Who’s to say. Sometimes people need to see it done, before they believe it can be. You might never have heard of Gianni Agnelli had he not been renowned for his fashion quirks.