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Do your dress shoes only see the light of day at weddings? Are they the most expensive but least worn item in your wardrobe?

There are ways to dress down your formal footwear and in this article we’re going to give you some guidance on what to wear with mens black shoes.

The Grey Suit

black shoes

The grey suit is a staple for every mans wardrobe. It’s a very versatile colour, so if you’re wondering what shoes to wear then you can alternate without friction between a black or brown pair of shoes.

Amongst the younger generation (in our opinion) the brown shoe-grey suit combination is more prevalent.

But what style can you wear to work? We’ve included 3 slides. Daniel Craig’s Bond in the film Spectre actually wore black Crockett & Jones Camberley boots. But the break on the trouser is very low almost making it look like a derby.

The other two examples you could employ for your grey suit are a classic derby or monk strap boot.

The sockless appeal

casual outfit and shoes

We first started seeing this look a few years ago and it’s transcended trends and has become a mainstay amongst fashionistas.

It does accentuate the tailoring on the trouser and draws focus to the shoe style. It can work alongside most casual outfits, though a lot of the denim will be straight and clean without any abrasions or distressing.

If you’re wardrobe is mainly compiled of denim that has been augmented in someway then wearing sneakers or a pair of black boots might be a better fit for you.

Classic with mystery

smart look with shoes

To quote Moneypenny, ‘sometimes the old ways are the best’.

Keeping it simple, chic and classy is a sure fire way to go when wearing black shoes. It doesn’t have to all be tuxedo, white shirt and tie.

Notice in the images above how the suit jacket has been dressed down with a roll neck or a crew neck sweater beneath.

The colour palettes remain dark which adds an element of mystery. The gentleman in the centre has dressed down the look by undoing the top buttons of his shirt.

The key to the look is the fit. Whether you’re styling toe cap shoes or open lacing with your outfit, keep the look tidy, the shirt tucked in and the colours co-ordinated.

The Awards go to..

red carpet and shoes

Not all of us get to walk the red carpet of life. However, award ceremonies can give us a guide on how to style our black shoes for formal occasions.

Notice that hi-shine patent leather is the go-to for both Armie Hammer and Michael B. Jordan with their respected suits. Tom Hiddlestone has gone for a very figure hugging textured grey jacket. His black derby’s are more a matted black leather than his counterparts.

Not sure on what is the difference between Oxford and Derby’s? That’s ok, the script writers in Kingsman didn’t know either. Check out our blog describing the difference.

All out casual with black shoes

jeans and shoes

It was quite hard to find an overtly casual outfit styled with black shoes. Which isn’t to say it’s not a fashionable look, perhaps just not as ‘instagrammable’ for want of a better phrase.

Typically you’ll find black shoes styled with a pair of jeans, often blue jeans. They also work well when saddled alongside a pair of colourful chinos.