Last month we shared 6 heinous items no human man should ever wear to a wedding. However, there’s a big difference between not wearing a fedora and a flashing LED tie, and getting your wedding attire spot on.

If you want to do more than look acceptable at this summer’s raft of matrimonial events, this guide is for you. We’ve compiled a few crucial tips to make sure you don’t just make the grade, but induce actual swooning wherever possible. Here’s how it’s done.


1. Abide by the dress code


That invitation stuck to your fridge isn’t just a smug notification of somebody else’s domestic bliss (bitter, us?), it’s your greatest clue to getting your wedding game just right when it comes to accoutrements. To be on the safe safe, opt for smart, not smart-casual, but if your nearest and dearest are planning a more laid-back affair, you’re not going to want to turn up in full cummerbund and cravat. Use your invite to gauge the formality.


2. Don’t be a drone


The dress code might be formal, but that doesn’t mean you have to clothe yourself in yet another soulless suit. With strictly formal events relatively infrequent in many bloke’s calendars, it’s customary to wheel out the same old tux and formal shoes which “do the job” at up-scale occasions, but this can seriously sap your personality and leave you looking, well, “meh”.


Time to ditch the drab. Invest in a great suit that says something about you and your taste. From a classic cut, to a subtle print, there are lots of ways you can give your wedding look a good, personality-packed base. Next, hone in on those details and personal touches. The tie, the pocket square, the cufflinks, the shoes – find pieces which express your individual style and wear them with panache – just don’t overdo the kook, eh?


3. Don’t steal any thunder


Last month we advised against wearing a white suit and upstaging the bride, but you don’t want to steal the thunder of the groom or his wedding party either. In practical terms, that means no neon suits, no head-to-toe glitter and nothing so suave that it puts the rest of the party to shame. If you’re at a more laid back wedding, respect the dress code and keep things casual or you risk looking more dapper than the man of the moment.


4. Know where you’re going


The venue can play a huge role when it comes to choosing your wedding guest attire. Take a hot second to peruse the location on Trip Advisor. Will you be out in the sticks? Is this an overseas beach wedding? Will there be a lot of sweating in the sunshine (Googling a weather report nearer the time is also a good shout)? Plan your look accordingly to avoid overheating, overdressing or getting your costly trouser cuffs muddy.

Have you ever totally misjudged a wedding dress code? What’s your signature wedding style? Share your stories with other readers on our Facebook group.