They may be a wardrobe staple and a perennial summertime classic, but getting white trainers just right can be trickier than you think. Get your white trainer style spot on and you’ve created something timeless, relaxed and versatile. Get them wrong and you run the risk of looking like you’re getting ready for a school PE lesson or about to cause trouble at a football fixture. So, what do you need to do to get your white trainer look in the bag? Just follow our footwear rules below…

1. Follow Steve McQueen’s lead


Cool, clean, preppy, understated – to nail this look today team simple, low profile white trainers (like our pared back Scuba casuals) with chinos or dark jeans and a plain, classic tee for a relaxed style with unassailable, easy fashion credentials. A flash of ankle is the ideal accessory for this look, so don’t be afraid to roll ’em up.

2. Fix up, look smart


Good lookin’ in a casual context, white trainers are not just for laid back living, they’re also a top notch smart casual crossover shoe, creating contrast and adding a minimalistic splash of white to a smarter style. To make this look work, choose a straight legged smart trouser in a dark shade to get the absolute most out of that contrast. Don’t overdo your other accoutrements, a simple button down shirt open at the collar and a sharp jacket will do the trick.

3. Go sockless


While a flash of ankle works as part of a preppy look, for really relaxed summery vibes there’s nothing like going sockless. Adding more than a dose of Continental charm, a sock-free white trainer looks fresh and fancy free.

4. Suit up
4Taking white trainers up to that smart casual line is no problem for most blokes, but upping the ante and going “full suit” can strike fear into the hearts of even style’s bravest warriors. That’s because this look can go horribly wrong, or ridiculously right.

To ensure your look falls into the latter category, opt for a matching trouser suit in a dark, muted hue. Again, a flash of ankle makes this look feel just a bit lighter and fashion-forward, so choose a slim trouser which falls above the top of your trainer. Above all, wear this look with confidence and you’ll make it a style success.

How do you wear your white trainers? Browse our collection of casual summer shoes in the the Base collection online today and share your own white trainer formula the Base London Facebook page.