What To Wear to a Summer Wedding ’19

Kicking off the Base London manual for 2019, is the ever so suave Stephen Kelly; style consultant and co-founder of MenStyled.com. He’s had a chat to us about the top suits, colours and shoes to wear this Wedding season. So whether you’ve got a long list of weddings to attend or even your own in the pipeline, this summer.. Take note on how to spice up your style.

Now everyone knows the main cliche options for a wedding suit – Navy or Grey work suit, now not saying this is a bad thing – “But there’s a few things you can do to add some interest and colour to your outfit”. 

First of all, why not experiment with some light suits and fabrics – “It’s a joyous occasion after all, so its a great opportunity to add something brighter to your style”. Check out some of ASOS.com’s lighter formal collection.

Img: ASOS.com 

On top of a lighter suit – or if you’re too attached to your Navy or Dark Grey work suit, “A colourful tie or pocket square, can really brighten your look”. A simple, yet effective accessory such as this, can make all the difference – and can turn the most ‘Dull Work Suit’, into a fun, wedding appropriate style.

Go as bold as you want with some floral designs or stick to a bold, plain shade to make the perfect statement with your accessories.

Img: ASOS.com 

If you’re a bit more adventurous, you can even opt for a mix and match style suit – with perhaps a lighter or pattern style blazer, with more subtle / muted tailored trousers. Or you could even rock a patterned waist coat, or a contrasting shirt to jazz up your look.

The most essentail note of all – is to “Make sure your suit fits you properly”, not too baggy and not too skinny. “When it pulls to much at the buttons, you know it’s a little too tight”.

These are the simplest tips to make your work suit, stand out at a wedding this season.

Now, for the most important part of your wedding look this year – your footwear of course!

Suede formals are a must have this season & offer a great, stylish alternative to the usual Leather shoes, you would normally kick on with your suit.

Find some of our top formal SS19 picks below, to spice up your formal style this Summer season.

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