Man sandals can be a contentious beast. For some blokes, they’re an outright no go. For others, they’re the height of Continental cool. Sometimes they can look bang on. Other times, they’re a hairy-toed travesty. Whether you’re caught in the middle and confused, or keen to embrace breezy feet this summer, we’ve put together a dos and don’ts list that will help you get stylish sandal wearing spot on…

DON’T wear them with socks


If we have to explain why this image (and fashion abomination) is just plain wrong, you should probably steer clear of sandals (and the outside world) all together. This is footwear 101. Don’t do it. Don’t even think about it. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

DO look after your feet


Sandal wearing may keep your toes nice and cool, but it also introduces your usually sock- and shoe-clad feet to the rest of the world. That means you need to invest a bit of time in making them presentable. Any wild toe hairs and freaky toenails should be taken care of before you debut your feet on the streets.

DON’T wear Velcro


If the sandals you’re interested in come with Velcro straps, back away from the online checkout, my friend. There’s a practical guy in most of us who is drawn towards those thick-soled, heavy strapped sandals made for hiking holidays. Unfortunately, while they may be practical, they also look practical. Not a great match for a stylish wardrobe. In fact, unless you own hiking sticks and a huge rucksack, they’re not going to go with anything you own.

DO look for quality

4While extreme practicality may look hideous on all but the hardiest hikers, trashy fashion sandals you can pick up for less than £20 are going to tear your feet to ribbons. It’s going to be awful, trust us. What you need is a compromise between fashion and functionality. To get the right balance look for man sandals from trusted brands, made with quality materials like these Base beauties.

DON’T wear flip-flops


We love a flip flop as much as the next bloke, but there’s a time and a place. If you’re trying to pull off a chic man sandal style, flip flops are a step in the wrong direction, unless you want to look like you’ve just arrived home from your gap year backpacking across South East Asia.

DO care about legwear


Whether you’re a shorts, cuts offs or chinos sort of chap, the legwear you match with your summer footwear matters. The cardinal rule: choose styles you’re comfortable with. If you’re not content in a pair of thigh-baring Continental shorts in raspberry, don’t go there. There’s nothing worse than a gentleman looking uncomfortable in shorts. Nothing under the sun. This season, key styles to look out for include looser leg jeans, denim shorts and just-above-the-knee wide leg jersey shorts.

DON’T wear one-strap slip ons


More “I’m just popping out to get the washing in” than Continental cool, one-strap slip ons are a no-go unless you’re in your garden or on the beach. See also: the Velcro rule.

DO explore the Base sandal collection


Top quality, well-made, on trend man sandals, whether you want to earn style points or just want to relax by the pool on your well-deserved holiday. Worth a look, even if we do say so ourselves. Have a gander.

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