1Male jewellery is a difficult beast. The rules of it are unspoken, yet change year on year. While a few essentials remain true for decades, others must be adhered to by the season to ensure you don’t veer into Mr T territory, or end up looking like you’ve just returned from a year of “finding yourself” amongst the world’s trashiest tourist fripperies and hemp bracelets.

So how can you walk that tricky tightrope between flashy and forlorn, flamboyant and boring? To help make things clearer, here’s how male jewellery should be worn…


1. Watch out

There are a few staple items of male jewellery which will stand the test of time when it comes to style, and yes, the watch is a foremost member of this exclusive club. The beauty of a watch is that it is functional, which means that it’s not purely a matter of adornment. That gives us, occasionally embellishment-shy, blokes the freedom to get a little flashier. Don’t be afraid to invest in a statement watch which pleases your more ostentatious side.


2. Don’t skimp

Metals which turn your wrists green and cord bracelets which look tattier than a 15 year old festival goer’s won’t do. If you have an eye for jewellery, don’t pick up any old tat. Instead, be selective. Opt for simple pieces which are made from high quality materials; from a simple leather cuff, to a copper bracelet, invest in quality and allow the beauty of the materials do the talking.


3. Master proportion

Watches with large watch faces will make smaller wrists look even more diminutive. It’s important to care about proportion when it comes to male jewellery to ensure you use your accessories that flatter rather than jar. Pendant necklace, for example, should fall no lower than the centre of your pecks and no higher than your collarbone.


4. Don’t mix metals

Choose your tone and stick to it. Mixing metals can have a cluttered effect where your overall array should appear streamlined and well curated. Stick to just silver, just gold or just copper to ensure you don’t go full “Christmas tree” with your man jewellery.


Which pieces of male jewellery do you favour? Do you have any jewellery rules of your own? Have your say in the Base London Faceook group and don’t forget to keep tabs on our online store to get a first look at our brand new SS16 collection – the perfect footwear accessories.