What To Wear on a First Date


Next up on our Base London manual for 2019, is the stylish city boy & Lifestyle Blogger – Carl Thompson. Check out his Blog Here – you won’t be disappointed. He’s here to share a few of his best tips and hacks on how to; not only dress to impress on the Fist Date, but how to prep and get yourself looking your best, beforehand.

“First dates can be nerve-racking no matter who you are”, so no matter if the date’s been in the diary for a while, a last minute plan or even a blind date.. Always make sure you give yourself enough time to prep – as “Preparation is Key”. You are after all trying to impress your potential future ‘other half’ – no pressure!

To kick off your grooming routine, start my prepping your face with a Face Wash from Lab Series.. This’ll help waken you up and give you that kick start to your date mind-set. This face wash also “Gets rid of all the dead skin and leave your face feeling really fresh”. No-one wants their date showing up ‘un-groomed’ or without looking like they made an effort. So if your bathroom isn’t well stocked in the skin-care department, then this is the time to invest.

As many of you are aware, Beards are extremely “in” these days, which means there’s tons of products on the market out there, to help keep them in top condition. Therefore, there’s no excuse for a scruffy, scratchy beard (unless that’s the look you going for..) So, if you’re a chap with some facial fluff – no matter if it’s a ‘Santa’ beard or a little stubble, make sure to tidy it up and get it smooth, soft and shiny. “Don’t be afraid of that beard serum” – American Crew Beard Serum, £12.95 – does the trick & gets that beard nice and soft … “Just incase”. 

Next up is the all important moisturiser – “Potentially this is the biggest interview of your life right?”, so use Clinique for Men’s Maximum Hydrator Moisturiser, £20.95 – to keep your skin hydrated and looking healthy throughout the day. They also say ‘Your eyes are the window to your soul’, so “You’ve got to have a little window dressing”. Making eye contact on your first date is of course, very important, so make sure your peepers are looking their best with a lick of eye cream. There are lots of great eye creams out there for men, although we’d recommend Perricone MD, Elemental Energy Eye De-Puffer, £48 – to really give those eye bags the boot.

Moving onto the hair styling.. Now this can be part of a gentleman’s getting ready routine, which if rushed or the wrong product is used, can end up getting extremely frustrating. So to avoid the shiny/crunchy look, opt for Beckham’s Pomade from House 99, £15. This styling will last approximately 7-8 hours, which is perfect for a date night. “And since it’s a water based product, it washed out well, and gives the barnet some lustre which I like”. 

“Now when applying some aftershave, make sure it’s something light and fresh”.

A great tip from the man himself, no-one wants to  be overwhelmed by a strong, potent fragrance so much so, they don’t even want to get too close to you (defeats the whole purpose right?!) So our man Carl, opts for something like Noir de Noir by Tom Ford.

So your pre-date pamper is now done, you can now start on your date outfit. “At the end of the day, make sure you wear something you feel comfortable in” , otherwise you won’t be able to relax and overall enjoy your date. An easy winner, is to go simple but still like you made an effort. So like our man Carl, perhaps opt for a crisp plain white tee, paired with a printed shirt, some navy/dark jeans and of course some Chelsea Boots “That never go out of style”.

A pair of Chelsea boots are an ideal pick for your footlocker. They have a Smart yet casual vibe, sturdy/cleated soles for whatever activity you have planned for your date & the burnished suede toe cap finish offers a bit of an edge, to what should be a very sharp & clean outfit.

And guys, don’t be afraid of a little accessorising, a chain, watch, statement ring – all these extras make the outfit – believe us. But don’t make there mistake of ‘over-accessorising’ you don’t want to show up on the date looking & sounding like jingle bells. Try a simple but classy looking watch & try to avoid anything too ‘Bling’ on the ring side.


Now, we may have got you covered on the style side, but don’t forget – If you really want to impress your date, make sure to be clued up with some conversation starters; like Where they’ve been Travelling? Mutual friends? Recent Netflix Binges? .. And “Perhaps give their social media profile one last eyeball on your way over”.

So we’ve done our part, the rest is down to you..

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