How To Wear One Blazer 4 Ways


If you haven’t got the message already, go and get yourself a textured blazer. The two main reasons why: 1. The pattern/textured style, keeps the jacket from looking like half a smart suit, and 2. This style of blazer can always be used as the perfect balance between smart & casual, which means, you can pretty much combine it with many shirts and trousers and it’ll still work to wear to a variety of occasions.

1. For a Last-Minute Client Meeting

Outfit: Blazer, crisp shirt, jeans and brogues or brogue boots

Why this works: If your normally a casual dresser — but are often caught out with last minute meetings in or out of the office —this textured blazer will be your new best bud. Keep it in the office (perhaps hidden near your desk) therefore you can chuck it on before any meeting without hesitation; it’ll also make your jeans or chino outfit instantly more smart/casual.

Img. Photographed: Gant white shirt (£80), Nudie jeans (£99)

Base London – Trench Washed (£69.99) Troop Washed (74.99)

2. For When You Can’t Tell If An Event is Formal or Not

Outfit: Blazer, t-shirt, formal trousers and Derby shoes

Why this works: Dress Codes to occasions can be very uncertain these days, it can sometimes be difficult to figure out what type of style to wear to different events. For example, an engagement party you’d want to dress up a bit more for and perhaps wear a blazer jacket – but, not if
its at the pub? When you’re baffled on what to put together for your next smart/causal style event, make sure you go for this winning combo. As the trousers and blazer keeps it formal, however the t-shirt keeps you from looking too rigid.

Img. Photographed: Research Garments white t-shirt (£15), Peter Werth navy formal trousers (£69)

Base London – Ford Grain (£67.99) Richards Washed (£67.99)

3. For A “Grown-Up” Party or a Nice Dinner Out

Outfit: Blazer, shirt, chinos and brogues

Why this works: Just to clarify – what we mean by a Grown Up dinner party is: A parents anniversary, an engagement dinner/drinks, perhaps a garden party with a dress code. You could also work this style for a fancy restaurant dinner… and no we don’t mean Pizza Hut.

Img. Photographed: Gant chinos (£100), Gant white shirt (£80)

Base London – Trench Washed (£69.99) Apsley Washed (£69.99)

4. For A Wedding/The Races or Special Occasion

Outfit: Blazer, shirt, formal trousers and Derby’s

Why this works: A blazer paired with chinos/jeans/trousers is a lot more interesting than a plain suit— however, just as formal. This combo is definitely more attractive to those mid-20’s of you, who are working the continuous wedding circuit & are a bit bored of wearing the same suit over and over.

Img Photographed: Gant white shirt (£85), Peter Werth navy formal trousers (£69)

Base London – Raeburn Grain (£69.99) Turner Hi Shine (£67.99) Page Washed (£67.99) Gilmore Washed (£67.99)


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