The vogue for beards has being going strong for years now. Since the early 2010s, when hipsters the Western world over started sprouting facial fur, beards have been everywhere: on your neighbour, on your boss, on your best mate – even on your very own mug. But after five years of hirsutism, surely the laws of fashion dictate that it’s time to reach for the razor once again?

It doesn’t look that way. Here’s why the beard revolution shows no sign of simmering down…

1. We have not reached “Peak Beard”
“Peak Beard” is a phenomenon which has been predicted by fashion commentators since the beard craze began. The fashion savvy have watched trends come and go for decades and anticipated the beard would follow a similar pattern: the popularity of the beard would grow until we reached “Peak Beard” – a point at which beards were so popular, they simply weren’t cool anymore. With stylish sorts always searching for the next, trendy thing, a clean shaven rebellion has been in the works for years – but is still yet to materialise.


2. More beard = less skincare
Men’s skincare sales have taken a serious hit since the beard bonanza began, for a very simple reason: the more beard you have, the less face you have to take care of. This is a very appealing equation for low maintenance chaps, resulting in fewer pricey cosmetics and less faff all round.


3. We’re undergoing a “crisis of masculinity”

3Anthropologists and sociologists have even weighed in on the beard debate, claiming that our current beard-friendliness is the result of a widespread crisis of masculinity. Speak for yourself, mate. The beard, they claim, is the best way to show off yer manhood, without getting arrested for indecent exposure.


4. George Clooney

4When George Clooney and his Hollywood compatriots arrived on the red carpets of the 2013 Baftas and Oscars, beards were clearly “a thing”. It wasn’t long before us regular mortals followed suit.


5. Movember & Decembeard


Facial hair is now so prevalent and popular that not one but two months now have charitable facially furry events associated with them. Both Movember and Decembeard raise hundreds of thousands for charity annually and give gents a great excuse to pioneer a little face furniture.


Clean shaven is just plain hard work

Let’s face it. Razors, moisturiser, accidentally going full Zorro on your chin in the morning – who can be bothered? Let it grow and vivé la Beard Revolution.

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