We speak to content creator & city boy Bradley Harper on what he’s learnt as an influencer and his favourite Netflix binges at the moment.

What have you learnt as an influencer that you could apply to succeeding in life?

I’ve learnt a lot from being an influencer, but probably the most important thing is to just enjoy what you’re doing and have fun with it. If you genuinely have a passion for something and you want to pursue it, what’s stopping you? 

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What tunes do you have on repeat at the moment?

I’m currently obsessed with Lizzo so I find myself playing her album over and over. She’s so sassy and infectiously self confident and I love that!

Which shows are you currently binging on Netflix?

I’m a serial series unfinish’er so I currently have about 5 that I’m watching all at the same time. My favourite ones at the moment though would probably have to be; 13 Reasons Why, Unbelievable and Queer Eye.  

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How would you describe your style?

My style can change from one day to the next. One day I can be in a simple classic pared-down look then the next I could be in a bright bold statement shirt. I like to mix things up so it doesn’t get boring. 

What’s your number one tip for guys struggling to put an outfit together?

I’d say start by building a ‘capsule wardrobe’. Invest into those key outerwear pieces that you know you look good in, like a blazer and your favourite type of jacket, harrington or bomber for example, then buy alternative pieces such as trousers, shirts and jumpers that could all be worn with both the jacket and the blazer. This way you have a foolproof system of building multiple looks with just a few items.

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The garment you can’t live without and why?

The garment I couldn’t live without probably would be a pair of white skinny jeans. Unusual I know but personally I think white jeans are the most versatile item I own. They work for all seasons, adding a freshness to spring and autumn, keeping your look light and cool for the summer and adding a crisp pop of brightness in winter. 

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What is your favourite footwear style of all time and why?

 If I’m not in a clean white trainer you’ll find me in a pair of Chelsea boots. I love how easy they are to just throw on with a pair of skinny jeans and look effortlessly cool. They’re always my ‘go to’ shoe for transitional periods of the year and for winter. I’m also a sucker for nice pair of loafers.

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Where can we find you online and what do you have coming up?

You can find me over on Instagram at @Bradders_21 and coming up you’ll see my living my best pumpkin spiced autumn life featuring lots of menswear styling.