Normally, I’m a tea drinker. Coffee is just not for me. The aftertaste just reminds me of that teacher in primary school who oozed the stench of stale coffee and cigarettes wherever she passed. Lovely lady, but yeah…


Until the other day, when I was aimlessly browsing through Instagram, I came across a picture of an iced coffee. My belly stopped me scrolling any further and I went straight out and got myself all the necessary ingredients.


@yoga_girl Insta: the aforementioned dreamy beverage.

Now, in this beauty we have simply ice cubes, freshly brewed but cooled coffee and almond milk. Swirled 😉

The beauty of an iced coffee, is that it’s sooo easy to make, you can have it any way you fancy (caramel coffee, more milky, more coffee, sweet, alcoholic, chocolately, the list goes on). It is extremely satisfying and really refreshing too. You can make it at home or work as long as you have ice cubes, you’re sorted! Plus, it looks heavenly.

It’s a fun drink to make for friends that’ll make an impression. It’s so easy to make you can spend time playing around with what tastes you like, nice jars, glasses or even mugs (i think glass looks better though) to create an instagram-worthy photo and how you serve it. Straws, ice cube shapes, biscuits to serve with, topped with cream or plain.

The art of iced coffee



And, the drink that just keeps giving, you can make ice lollies with the leftovers! Get creative and impress some mates.


Check out some easy and luscious recipes I’ve found and give them a whirl, or a swirl, or a churn, or leave it to infuse… Okay I’ll stop.