There once was a time when online dating was the last vestige of the terminally shy, the older divorcee and the socially awkward. Sites like Plenty of Fish and began to change that a few years ago. But in 2012, Tinder broke through the final frontier and made meeting people online not only socially acceptable, but “normal”. As of January 2015, the world’s Tinder users swipe through 1.5 billion Tinder profiles, casting judgements and making over 21 million matches every single day. That’s a whole lot of swiping.

But not everyone’s a fan. Notoriously shallow and prime for meaningless hookups, Tinder isn’t exactly the most pleasant or life-affirming place to find the person of your dreams. With each swipe giving off the stench of sheer desperation and many encounters ending in either disappointment or a gnawing sense of emptiness, maybe it’s time we swiped left altogether and turned down Tinder for one of these alternatives…


Like Tinder, but super location-specific, Happn is all about finding someone right there and then. Built to search within a 250m radius of you, it’s a faster-paced app for anyone who’s ever smiled at a stranger but been too shy or rushed to take things further.

Potentially awkward if the date with that cute stranger on your morning train is a disaster, but a great way to meet the people around you. For such a location-centric app, there are also surprisingly few safety and privacy fears, Happn’ing people can only communicate with each other if they mutually like each other using the app.


Billing itself as a classier, more personally-tailored version of Tinder, Hinge helps you hook up (or find love) with your Facebook friends (and friends of friends). Potentially a little friend-cestuous, this app is a good way to find other humans you have plenty of things (and people) in common with, but it can feel just a little close to home…


Claiming to be “the thinking person’s Tinder”, Loveflutter’s all about substance (and sentences) over style (and shallowness). Think Twitter in dating app form: this application allows you to match with people whose wit and charm impress you. An interesting concept, let’s hope it doesn’t overestimate humanity, eh?

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