One major theme of most pieces of art is the surreal look but also the meaning behind them. More frequently, I notice that art is becoming more psychedelic and feels hallucinatory, bizarre, more dream-like, definitely more surreal. With more blog sites opening up and becoming much more public, we get to see amazing artwork from all around the world. We see how each country brings a different scene, a new ideal, a brilliant new mind-set. Art should be more open, with so much intention and meaning put into each piece of work, we can all learn and imagine new things and that’s why everyone in their own right, is an artist.


Hi Fructose is an absolutely fantastic hub for new, old and interesting artists and their fantastic work. I love to check up on it with new each month and see what crazy new art has been posted. Yeah it’s not all to my liking, but the sheer content makes for a wide variety, something I’m sure, for everyone to have an interest in.


My month’s favourite from June’s edition:

1. Aurel Schmidt’s Drawings Fuse Human Body Parts With Plants

2. Absurd Anatomy Drawings by Kate Lacour

3. There’s Beauty in Death in Watercolors by Cai Vail

The more I look at them, the more the intricate details start to appear and you realise, this isn’t an image create by something digital. This is a hand-crafted piece of artwork and that, blows my mind.


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To view the Hi Fructose website & all the other amazing artists, click here.