Stylish Shoes to Wear With Suits

Have you ever heard the phrase, “you can tell a gentleman by his shoes”? Well, whether that’s true or not, dressing well is often seen as a form of good manners and when it comes to wearing a suit, your shoes are more than just the icing on the cake. They are a piece of personal iconography, that allows a man to step away from a fully suited crowd and express their personality.

Having said that, finding shoes to wear with suits, that exert style along with the formality you need, can be a minefield. Whether you’re wearing black, grey, brown, beige or even tweed, there are a few big dos and don’ts when it comes to choosing shoes for your suits. 

You can always experiment with matching the colour of your shoes to the colour of your suit, but there is even more room for play with the type or style of shoe you decide to try. So, here are a few tips, tricks and things to keep in mind when choosing, that are sure to get you feeling perfectly suited and booted.

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Which Colours Go With Which Suits

Right, you’ve found out you’re invited to a wedding, or you’ve just picked out a suit for your graduation ball or maybe suits are simply a part of your everyday attire, now comes the time for choosing matching shoes. Let’s start with the basics.

If you’re wearing a full black suit, your only option is black shoes. But before you get disappointed about your lack of colour choices, you’ll be pleased to hear there are many ways you can spice up your black suit with a pair of black shoes. A classic option would be something like our Purcell Waxy, but if you’d rather go for something a little more trendy you can try something like our Turner Hi Shine brogue, which has the smartness of a classic, black formal brogue, with a thick, coloured sole to leave a trail of colour as you walk. For the more daring gentlemen out there, take a look at our Bartley Waxy for something bold and different.

Purcell Waxy Black


Turner Hi Shine

Bartley Waxy


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Navy suits give you more leniency. You can wear a navy suit with pretty much any colour shoe, but just to be certain, stick to black, browns and burgundys if you can. For inspiration, check out our range of formal shoes to discover a variety of colours.


If you’re wearing a grey suit, this is when things get a bit trickier. As a rule of thumb, black goes with all grey suits and with a pair of simple black brogues, you can’t really go wrong. If you’re suit is dark grey, keep to the darker shades of brown or even better, choose burgundy. If your suit is a light-grey shade, you’re better off with the lighter browns or burgundy again. A smart burgundy shoe, like our Bexley Hi Shine, can give your suit that kick it needs, to make you look effortlessly cool and put together. Or it you’d rather play it safe with a Darker Brown shoe, our Savoy Burnished derby, will add a new level of style to  your ensemble. 

Bexley Hi Shine

Savoy Burnished

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If you’re a brave man, for the summer months, you may have opted for a light blue or cream suit. This is probably the only occasion where you can go for a white shoe. If that’s not your thing, you could go for a nice light brown like our Fuller Burnished Tan, or a muted grey-brown shade like our Bailey Burnished Grey. 

Fuller Burnished Tan

Bailey Burnished Grey



Style of Shoe

Now that you’ve had a look at your colour options for matching a suit to a pair of shoes, it’s time to explore the styles of shoe that will compliment a suit for all different occasions.

First of all, the brogue is an obvious choice for a suit, just take a look at Base London’s wide collection of brogues for some inspiration. But there are many other ways to have you looking, feeling and walking like a real gent. 

If you think of yourself as the cooler kid on the block, an edgy choice would be a boot.This look can help you get that sauve, everyday look and  will compliment the more structured and tailored suit. They are also a more versatile option, as they’ll look just as dapper with your jeans.  

Cheshire Waxy

To change things up from the usual waxy or shiny brogue, suede can make a suit look cooler and less formal. The great news is that Base London’s suede shoes come in plenty of colours with a couple of different styles like our Delamere  and Ivy Or, why not go for a combination of both fabrics, like our Turner Waxy / Suede shoe.



For when the rain is bouncing, or if your opting for a cool casual look – a pair of shoes with a good thick sole, will do just the trick for you and your suit. Take this Wafer Waxy shoe below, for instance. The thick sole will help keep your feet dry from the rain, while also giving your suit a more urban or casual feel.



Your shoes are arguably, the most important part of your outfit. You live your whole life in your shoes. They are a great step towards becoming a gent that not only looks smart in his suit, but also looks approachable, individual and full of life. Search Base London’s range of shoes today, to give your suit a bit more heart and sole, if you’ll pardon the pun.