Almost Father’s Day again, how could we forget? (Sunday 15th June if you did)


If you have, which you probably have, here’s some quick plans to save the day.

Things to do:

  • Head down to Hawksmoor for a mouth-watering Sunday Dinner. Definitely recommended
  • Even better, get your mum to cook you all a roast and say it was your idea, but mum insisted on cooking
  • Bowling is brilliant fun and not something most dads would think to do – All Star Lanes in Brick Lane is a great spot. Good cocktails too!
  • Have a laugh at a comedy club
  • Or even join him doing what he loves best, in my case… fishing.


Gifts that’ll show him just how much you love him:

  • Other than a pair of Base London’s, which he will obviously love…
  • Booze – a big bottle of the good stuff. You can get cheap deals nowadays on tasty wines, port, whiskey, etc
  • My go to present, a pair of snazzy socks! M&S do a whole array of socks if you dare to go there
  • Every man, well not every man. MOST men, like meat. Get him a butchery class from Ginger Pig (warning: this is only if you’re feeling flush. Or you have some making up to do)
  • Or, if your dad’s a bit of a joker, or a geek (depending which way he takes it) Sudoku Loo Roll!!


Good luck & if you are a dad reading this, Happy Father’s Day!