Step into Ryan Goslings La La Land Style

Ryan Gosling is one of the front runners for an Oscar for his performance as a struggling Jazz musician in La La Land at the end of the month. The film is set in modern day Los Angeles, and his original musical about everyday life explores the joy and pain of pursuing your dreams. I’m having a hard time buying into Ryan Gosling right now. He’s married to Eva Mendes in real life. He must wake up every morning and run down the street like George Bailey on Christmas Eve. “MERRY CHRISTMAS OLD BUILDING AND LOANS” (Timely 1946 reference for you there).  My point is how does that man, that vision, that woman-killer, struggle with anything, ever?

I digress. But whilst I can’t buy into his movies, I can buy into his wardrobe. I’ve seen the trailer a bunch of times and for anyone looking to replicate Ryan Goslings La La Land Style and the look of this, seemingly dreamlike homage to vintage eclecticism, then take heed.

The Shirt

Ryan Goslings La La Land Style
Ryan Goslings La La Land Style
Via Neiman Marcus

The Shirt has many circles believing this could be a 611 Saks Fifth or possibly a derivative of the Armoni Collezioni dress shirt capsule. However, I take umbrage with my colleagues on this one, because neither of these shirts display a faint vertical pin stripe motif. A close but no cigar Jeff Banks version can be found on Debenhams for just £30.

Ryan Goslings La La Land Style

TM Lewin is by no means the high water mark for quality, (fancy wasting an hour of your life? Call their customer service hotline) but their pleated evening shirts do have some gentle tapering at the waist which fits tidily when tucked in. But if you want nothing but the best for the captain’s table, then head over to Emma Willis and seek out this beaut. Pure linen, mother of pearl buttons and a tailored fit. (Tell her I sent you, I fancy her).

Ryan Goslings La LA Land Style
Emma Willis – White Linen Shirt.

The Shoes

Ryan Goslings LA La LAnd Style
Image Via Lionsgate

Enough about the damn shirt already! Ok moving on, we have the rather fancy Nueva Epoca Wing Tipped Brogues. But lets face it, these men’s dance shoes are hardly everyday wear. Unless you’re actually performing in the Jersey Boys down Piccadilly Theatre, these will be a pricey investment, not to mention the ‘heel-toe’ clicking you’ll get walking down the street.

A much more reasonable Oxford Wing Tip Brogue would be our very own Strand Hi Shine Black from our XXI Capsule collection. With the exceptional brogue detailing and high quality leather sole, the ladies will go ‘La La’ over a gentleman completing his look with these bad boys!

Base London Brogues
Base London Strand Hi Shine Black

Or if you feel like ‘Peacocking’ a little more, add some colour with our selection of beautiful Hi-Shine Wing Tipped Derby’s.

Base London Harold Brogues
Harold Hi Shine.

The Tie

For ties there’s only one man in the UK that you should be shopping with. Yes, as famously donned by Dimbleby on Question Time, the Gresham Blake Lemon Modern. 100% Woven Silk with a contrast black tip and contrasting embroidered ‘Gresham Blake’ logo. (Again tell him I sent you, I fancy his secretary). £45.

Ryan Goslings La La Land STyle Tie

The Jacket


Finally, what about that jacket Ryan is clutching. It looks like a dense wool, with a light marl fleck. This Heart & Dagger tweed blazer mirrors the notched lapels and offers the same awesome colour spacing between the dark chinos, white shirt, yellow tie and dreamboat grey-blue eyes. £120.

Ryan Goslings La La Land Style
Heart & Dagger – Image Via Asos.

The Oscars

Ryan Gosling despite his soft, demure features and impeccably tailored wardrobe, is a current 10/1 outsider to pick up the Oscar on February 26th  with the smart money going on Casey Affleck for his performance in Manchester by the Sea.

If you’d like to incorporate a bit of Oscar Night pizaz into your shoe locker, why not check out our Formal Shoes category and get Free Shipping and 10% Off your first order.

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