Ready, set, go! Spring’s here which means there’s all the more reason to get your fitness regime back in business. Setting goals has to be one of the best ways to give your motivation a serious boost, so why not challenge yourself to get even faster this season?

To help you in your quest, we’ve compiled five running hacks from the pros which will help you shave seconds (or even minutes, let’s shoot for the moon!) off your run time and get faster than ever. On your marks…


1. Get Planking1No, we’re not talking about the viral “public planking” trend, we’re talking about the core strengthening move. A strong core is essential for smoother, faster runs, so use strength and toning workouts, like the plank, alongside your running regime to see the benefit and pick up speed.


2. Eyes Front2You may not think that your eyes have much to do with the speed of your runs, but focussing your gaze on the optimum spot can make a real difference to your gait, your form and even your motivation. Experts recommend focussing on the ground around 40ft (about 12 metres) ahead of you to feel the benefit.


3. Run Uphill3Uphill runs are an excellent way to improve your stamina and speed once you’re back on the flat. Once a week find a decent sized hill on your running route and switch between fast uphill sprints and brisk downhill cool down walks to really start seeing the difference.


4. Try Fartleks4Yes, the name is funny, but Fartleks (the brainchild of this guy, Swedish athlete Gösta Holmér) are a great way to up your pace, combining steady jogging with intervals of intense sprinting. Add a fartlek run or two to your weekly routine and you’ll find your pace really improves on standard runs. Here’s a helpful guide.


5. Boost your BPM

Music can make a huge difference to your mental state while running. Create a running playlist comprised purely of tracks with 120BPM or more to benefit from the elevated mood faster music can generate. If you can keep pace with each beat too, you’ll be doing particularly well. This handy tool will tell you the BPM of pretty much any song, while Spotify is packed with pre-made playlists which go all the way up to 180BPM if you want to get even faster.


What’s your ultimate running song? Share your tracks and playlists with other readers in the Base London Facebook group. Looking for a pair of laid back kicks for after you’ve hung up your running shoes? Our super comfy Fish’N’Chips collection features brand new styles for Spring: check them out!