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Ricky Hall, Model, 26 years old, AKA Tattoo Lover & Hipster Guru – Modelling for brands such as Lyle & Scott, Dr Martens, Thomas Farthing London & Base London.

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Ricky was first scouted in Oxford St and signed immediately to Nevs Models. He has since racked up over 360k Followers on Instagram & Twitter in just 3 years alone! His obvious trademarks contributing to his success, being his beard and tattoos (he has 125 of them!). Prior to getting his first modelling contract he worked in the family business as a motorbike mechanic, drove a BMW and wore eyeliner. We think he has outgrown the eyeliner by now, but his love for motorbikes and BMW’s is intact. Ricky ended up with a beard because he got fed up with all the pretty boys of the fashion industry. In his words “You can’t get more manly than a hairy man, wearing musky cologne and smells of dirt, cigarettes and beer”. As well as expressing his own hipster vibe, Ricky does have some style icons of his own, including Johnny Depp, Nick Wooster, Pete Doherty & …Danny Dyer apparently?


Ricki Hall Base London

With the topic close to his heart, Ricky also raises awareness for Mesothelioma Cancer Trust. His father sadly passed away from the disease last year and Ricky has put on events, such as ‘The Big Beard Shave’ to raise money and awareness for the charity.

Ricki’s Style Q&A for Base London

1. What’s the first thing you look for in a pair of shoes?

Sturdy sole & quality leather.

2. What’s your favourite detail from the Base London XXI Collection? 

The details. I love the eyelets on the boots for the new collection.

3. How do you pair your socks with your shoes – where do you start?

I used to go quite crazy with the colours and patterns of my socks, but now depending on colour shoe I’m wearing it ranges from a deep auburn or blood red with a tan  brogue or nice polka dot with a black shoe.

4. Where do you start with outfit building?

I build my whole style around a solid pair of denim jeans. My favourite are boot bens from Nudie Jeans. Next is boots.

5. What’s the best piece of style advice you’ve ever been given?

There are no rules in fashion. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns and loud colours. Most of the time you can pull it off, especially if you have the confidence in it.

6. What’s the one accessory you can’t leave the house without? 

Rings. I feel that jewellery really finishes an outfit off. Also a good hat. My favourite rings are by Great Frog and Crazy Pip Designs.

The Second Film from the #WearTheCity Campaign

Infamous model Ricki Hall showcases a lighter side of London lifestyle, with a humorous journey in his monkey boots across London to get a shave and a haircut, ending up with a classic snack of fish & chips by the Thames.

Ricki Hall Base London Mercury Washed BlackFeatured Footwear: MERCURY WASHED BLACK – £89.99

Watch this space for more films from the #WearTheCity series coming every few weeks!

Base London XXI Collection