Wolf Of Wall StreetReview: The Wolf Of Wall Street

So, let’s imagine you’re a young stock broker looking for a job. You know you’ve got what it takes but just need a perfect opportunity to make your break. Your beautiful girlfriend sparks the light bulb and from then on it’s a multi-million dollar success.

Let’s just take a minute to imagine what it would be like… drink, drugs, parties, women, money, money, money, repeat.

If you’re not so great at imagining, or even if you are, Wolf of Wall Street will blow your mind. From the hilarious cast and script, to the designer suits, to the boats, cars, women… Wolf of Wall Street is another champion from the legend, DiCaprio. With a highly credited act from the hilarious Jonah Hill, directed by the notorious Martin Scorsese.

You’ll follow the highs, lows, ups, downs and story behind the accomplished Jordan Belfort (as the film is based on a true story), leaving you so hypnotized and dazed by the sheer grandiose and flamboyance a single human being can live, you’ll be researching jobs in the stock broking industry before you leave the cinema.

BASE LONDON GIVES:  starstarstarstarstar