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Packing Tips for Men


Men’s Guide For Packing Tips

The most painful aspect of travelling, is packing that suitcase of yours. And with the mounting fees being imposed by greedy airlines, the craft of efficiently fitting a load of clothes into a small, confined bag is invaluable as ever. So whether you’re a classic “over-packer” who throws a few handfuls of stuff in the bag 5 hours before your flight, or the type of person who keeps a detailed spreadsheet of what you need to pack, these hacks below will help the way you pack from now on!


1. Wrap It Up & Over

Packing Tips Liquids

What you need: Plastic wrap.

What it does: Keeps your liquids, creams, gels, etc. from leaking everywhere.
Uncap all of your products, place a piece of plastic wrap on top of the bottles, and then screw the caps back on. Ensuring that all the fluids stay where they belong.


Roll & Stuff

Packing Tips Socks and Shoes


What you need: Clothing.

What it does: Makes use of every last inch of space available in your suitcase.

Roll all items such as t-shirts, boxers and even jeans. Cram them into the small nooks on the sides of your suitcase to maximize carrying capacity. Also remember – your shoes are mostly empty space, so stuff them with socks, underwear, bottles of after-shave, grooming products, etc. Those three moves will maximise room in your suitcase.


The Skivvy Roll

What you need: A t-shirt, boxers and a pair of socks.

What it does: Results in the most extreme space efficient packing method possible (Army Approved).

Known as the Skivvy Roll the technique was perfected by the Marines and essentially creates a small burrito containing a t-shirt, one pair of underwear, and one pair of socks. If you’re packing a bug out bag for a day trip or have serious spatial restrictions, this is your new go-to packing move.


No More Squished Collars

Packing Tips: Use a belt to keep a collar in shape

What you need: A belt.

What it does: Helps to keep a collar stiff.

Coil a belt and place it inside the collar of a button-down. This will hold its (relative) shape and stop it from flattening or getting rumpled. Perfect for those quick business trips.


Fresh Suitcase

Packing Tips keep your suitcase smelling fresh

What you need: Dryer sheets.

What it does: Makes clothes smell fresh right out of the suitcase.

Place a few dryer sheets in your luggage; among your clothes, to ensure your clothes don’t retain that musky traveling smell.


Pack Your Shoes Properly 

Packing Tips, keep your shoes in a shower cap

What you need: A shower cap or plastic bag.

What it does: Keeps your shoes from dirtying your clothes.

Along with dry cleaning bags, you should be saving plastic bags from the grocery store. Put your shoes in one of ‘em before placing your footwear in the suitcase. If you don’t have plastic bags readily available, use a shower cap instead.


Hopefully now with these extra tips, you won’t find packing such a stress any more fellas.

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