What To Pack For A Weekend Getaway



Next up on our Base Manual, we jump right back to our stylish Lifestyle & Fashion blogger – Mr Carl Thompson, of Hawkins & Shepherd. This time we’re catering for all you travellers out there. Whether you’re travelling for business, pleasure or a last minute city break with the Mr or Mrs, we have you covered on the top tips & hacks on packing lightly, yet stylish for that weekend getaway.

Don’t think this guy doesn’t know his stuff, being a Business Traveller for 12 years, let Carl learn that “Being constantly on the move, it was really important to pack light”. So let’s start with the basics “First things first; a sturdy but light weight cabin case”. Many people opt for a holdall or canvas bags, but a hard-shell case will not only protect your items in side much better, but they are a lot easier & more comfortable to roll along behind you.; rather than having a shoulder bag pulling & wearing on the clothes you’re travelling in.



Now the most obvious rule of all, as it’s very easy to over pack – even for a couple of days, so “Only pack the essentials“. Start by packing socks & underwear into the spaces between the handles – any extra space saving is a bonus. “with your dress shirts, the key is to fold them into squares”. Normally Carl suggests to pack around three of these & a pair of rolled up chinos, to keep that extra bit of space.



Now the last thing you want, is to rummage through your shirts, trousers & shoes to find that they don’t match or coordinate. So make sure to “Keep the colours neutral, so you can turn two or three garments into eight or nine looks” – packing for a weekend is all about those staple garments to mix & match easily.



If you’re on a business trip, then as well as packing your most stylish brogues – you will definitely need a comfortable yet cool pair of kicks to travel and explore in. Why not browse our Casual Collection to find your favourite travel buddy.

Need to update your formal footlocker while you’re at it? Browse our Formal Collection Here – ideal for that VIP business meeting.


With main essentials ticked off, let’s move onto the accessories. “Carry a few ties and pocket squares”, these will really help transform your otherwise simple, but neural looks. A splash of colour from a tie or pocket square, can take your outfit from casual to smart in an instant.



And of course not forgetting, the usual bag of toiletries and electronics. The pride and joy of most peoples’ trips away these days – don’t forget the chargers, spare batteries and tech gear for your weekend of adventure. Neatly placed into a weekend bag that can fit nicely on the other side of the suitcase. Remember the key is not to try and fill up your suitcase to the brim! “How else are you meant to bring home those much needed souvenirs!?”. Another reason to carry an extra bag with you – just incase you over spend while you’re over there.



It’s not rocket science remember, just smart and simple packing. If you’re taking any expensive jewellery with you (i.e. Watch, necklace..or maybe trying to hide a certain type of ring in that bag); keep it as safe and secure as you can within your suitcase, if not on your person.