We Are Outlanders #WearTheCity Campaign Base London

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‘We Are Outlanders’ are a group of creative individuals sharing a love for eastern and western cultures, good food and outlandish style. Going by their Instagram names: Eshankali , Takkaguci, 8&2 & of John Jarrett, this perfect team is full of style and panache.



Let’s start with team member No.1: Eshan Kali. An upcoming designer and model and all around pretty cool guy. Kali’s self-named designer label “Eshan Kali” represents and reflects the designer’s personality. It’s sporty with a touch of tribal element, he says. This British-Nepalese model, expresses growing up in Nepal in the 90s – he wasn’t introduced to any brands or fashion labels. He followed the “hip-hop and punk culture” and asked his parents to bring apparels and accessories when they travelled abroad. Since he moved over to the UK, Kali worked his way up from working at Morrisons Supermarket, to walking some the worlds most stylish catwalks; including Boateng & T.Lipop. He now models solo and with his Outlander pals for numerous brands.


Next up is John Jarrett, who we can also proudly name as the Director of our XXI Base London campaign feature films. This gentleman multitasks as a – Creative Director, Stylist, Digital Content Creator/Editer & a Model.. Any more jobs you want to add to your CV John? His talents in these areas have secured him the role of fashion editor at both Individualism and SAMSON Magazine as well as being able to work with an abundance of brands globally.




Next on our list is London-based photographer and cycling enthusiast Yu Fujiwara, born in the land of the rising sun, in Kobe, Japan studied Art and Design here in London. He regularly contributes to Dazed and Confused as well as collaborating with many Japanese brands and magazines creating timeless campaign imagery and street style articles.


Last but not least is Takahiro Yaguchi, usually found with the cool kids around Shoreditch’s Fashion Street. Based with AMCK Models in London (among other agencies around the globe), Takahiro shoots for numerous edgy brands to show off his flowing locks and striking features. He likes to dabble in writing for fun as well as well as loving the “freedom & rebelliousness” of the London Fashion Scene.



1. How did you first get into film making & editing?

I actually studied in Animation and film in University, that’s where I developed my skills in film making and editing as well as traditional and 3D animation. Haven’t had the chance to use those Animation skills in film yet though.

2. What was the biggest obstacle you had to overcome making the films? 

Time management and being organised with each influencer. We squeezed most of the shoot in 3 days which is quite hard since we had to shoot lots of the footage in one take due to lack of time. It’s a good thing that all the guys we’re already models and are used to being in front of the camera.

3. How did you get each film to look so unique?

I focused on each individual, and how i could maximise their personalities. I storyboarded everything before we  started shooting and got producers to create the music I needed for each film. This helped immensely when post-production started. It was just a case of slotting the pieces into the puzzle.

4. What did you hope to achieve for Base London by making these films?

I wanted to give Base London a new image, in terms of styling and in terms of content. I feel that British brands need to bring reality into their campaigns, allowing for customers to relate and be inspired.

5. What’s the first thing you look for in a pair of shoes? 

Besides it having to look good, i always look for comfortability. Soft insoles and durable outsoles. I do a lot of walking!

6. What’s your favourite detail from the XXI Collection?

I’m a fan of the genesis suede shoes! Love the crepe sole and it’s mad comfy!

 7. How do you pair your socks with your shoes?

Depends on what i’m wearing but always contrasting! And this is important since I always roll up my trousers and jeans.  brown brogues? then navy polka dot socks. black derbys? then go for white striped socks.

8. What’s the best piece of style advice you’ve ever been given?

Build a wardrobe of staple pieces and you’ll never not know what to wear. This would include a lot of white shirts & tees, different shades of denim and of course good shoes. Every man should have one pair of black and one pair of brown shoes, be it brogues, derbys or if you’re more experimental; monk straps.

9. What’s the one accessory you can’t leave the house without?

Can’t leave the house without a wide-brim trilby! You can almost never see me without a hat of some sort!

The Fourth Film from the #WearTheCity Campaign

Creative Individuals ‘The Outlanders’  showcases the hipster side of London lifestyle, with a chilled game of Basketball, mixed with a stroll and a browse round some of London’s chicest spots.

Featured Footwear: ARCHER GREASY SUEDE – £79.99  |  GENESIS SUEDE – £64.99 |  LINCOLN PULL UP – £72.99  |  BARRAGE WASHED – £69.99