I’m lucky enough to be able to choose what I listen to at work. Most people listen to the radio and honestly, I don’t know how you do it. I need something that sits delicately in the background while my busy mind chatters away. Normally, I’ll just look up a playlist on Spotify and hope it doesn’t annoy me. Anyway, the point I’m getting at, is I’ve found the perfect office music. This is big news.


Known to listeners as Submerse, Rob Orme is a young artist from Northern England, with an adoration of hip-hop and Japan. His debut album Slow Waves is influenced by an array of sounds, people and places. His music has a gentle and dreamy flow, perfect to create a calm atmosphere.


Light and airy percussions twinkle alongside smooth bass lines and delicate female voices that pour over mellow beats; future garage is an innovative take on what garage can be. Orme has even coined his own “j-garage”—a mix between western bass music (future garage, 130 BPM house and dubstep) with Japanese soundbites like vocals and anime samples. In my opinion, I can’t get enough of this type of music, but shamefully, I know it’s not for all.


Slow Waves From Submerse:


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