Michael Morgan

Model / Boxer / Actor / Geezer



Michael Morgan, 23 years old, former boxer. Michael moved from Wales to work with Wilhelmina Modelling Agency and is now modelling for brands such as Topman, Boxfresh, Diesel & even for Kanye West.


Michael first got into modelling after his sister entered him into a Model Competition in Wales. After winning of course; he then moved down to London to work with D1 Model Agency & the rest is history. He is now adding global brand after brand to his portfolio – recently including Base London.


However, being a handsom model isn’t Michaels’ only skill. He is also quite the breakdancer – a five time Welsh Champion & number 1 in the UK for under 18s, to be specific. His top ways to keep fit include running, skipping & boxing, so its safe to say Michael is staying in good shape. On top of all his other hobbies & skills, Michael is also a big fan of acting (Tom Hardy specifically) and would like to try out some acting roles after modelling. We‘re sure he would be great! His sporty/street modelling style is a perfect combination & that’s why we have him showing off our Legacy Pull Up shoes from our XXI Collection.


1. What’s the first thing you look for in a pair of shoes?

I’m all about a winning mix of comfort & style – I don’t really like to wear formal shoes unless I really have to – so shoes have to fit in with my style.

2. What’s your favourite detail from the Base London XXI Collection? 

The crepe sole on the legacy is perfect for exploring the city; it’s really comfortable, but a little smarter than a sports trainer so perfect for going between meetings, castings and the pub.

3. How do you pair your socks with your shoes – where do you start?

I only wear black socks, so that’s easy for me!

4. What’s the best piece of style advice you’ve ever been given?

The three C’s of clothing: keep it classic, keep it comfortable and (of course) keep it clean!

5. What’s the one accessory you can’t leave the house without? 

A gold necklace my mother gave me as a gift, I don’t leave the house without that!

The Third Film from the #WearTheCity Campaign

Model & Boxer Michael Morgan, showcases a more urban side of London lifestyle, with an edgy stroll through London’s backstreets and subways, mixed in with a spot of boxing practice in his stylish Base London kicks.


Featured Footwear: GENESIS SUEDE NAVY – £64.99

Watch this space for more films from the #WearTheCity series coming every few weeks!