So Autumn / Winter has finally arrived.. & with that, so has a whole new collection of styles. With a brand new range of rich, quality brogues, boots and casuals – all ideal for tackling the elements, of what we’re sure will be an – odd British season.

Here we have piled together our top picks of new Winter styles, so you can own the city streets this Winter.

Is there anything as irritating or uncomfortable as spending the day in soggy shoes? That squelch & squeak across your office floor or, even worse, the humiliation of a whole day spent in socks as your trainers dry out? Well, possibly. But it’s still pretty miserable. And we’re here to help you avoid this. You just need to swap over your summer season kicks, for something that can tackle the rougher British weather.

The most important rule to remember, is what stands between  your feet and the pavement. – A leather sole will be flimsy and absorb water in the winter, so you need something more durable and hefty, Rubber is, by a long way, the best option.

Tip: Make sure to keep a pack of mini wet wipes in your pocket/bag, to deal with any puddles or mud you don’t notice on the commute into work. The sooner you can clear off the dirt, the less likely it will mark or potentially damage your shoes.

 •    •    •
Chunky Brogues
Ft. Raeburn Grain, Clash Hi Shine, Carter Hi Shine, Trench Washed, Raid Washed & Tuner Hi Shine.

What are they? Your normal brogues, but with some extra puddle-clearance, thanks to a much thicker, sturdier sole. The cleated sole gives for a better grip on the slippery leaves, on your wintery commute.

How to wear them: They’re formal enough to wear with a suit and, because they’re more eye-catching than a derby or oxford, are a perfect smart/casual option with jeans or chinos.

 •    •    •
Chelsea Boots
Ft. Patton Greasy, Riley Burnished, Holton Waxy, Bosworth Washed, Zoot Washed.

What are they? Quality Leather boots with an elasticated side opening. Sturdy yet stylish enough to pair with a suit, so you can sub them in on days that your Oxfords or Derbys can’t handle. Just make sure to keep them treated and polished.

Key features: Make sure they have a rubber, rather than leather sole/heel – it has much more grip. And for a bonus – you’ll appreciate the heel pull if the soles get slippery.

How to wear them : Chelsea Boots are very versatile – you can wear them to the office, in a suit on a weekday and then denim jeans, a crisp Oxford shirt and an overcoat on the weekend.

 •    •    •
Biker Boots
Ft. Hurst Washed, Panzer Washed, York Waxy, Troop Washed, Harper Washed

What are they?  Way above the ankle boots, that can hack any mountainous terrain, just as well as the pavement.

Key features : Ensure they are good quality leather & that they have a slight contemporary twist. Keep away from any Neon colours or mesh panelling – save them for actual exploring.

How to wear them : They are practical and chunky, and will look good with a variety of casual wear. Think along the lines of chinos/jeans, flannel shirt and over coat.

 •    •    •
Winter Trainers 
Ft. Russel Waxy, Jarvis Washed, Jarrett Washed/Suede, Costello Washed, Jarrett Diamond Washed

What are they? Basically.. the kind of trainers that wont get ‘Completely’ ruined by puddles. Meaning, more robust fabrics like leather, rather than a suede or canvas material. Also, being available in colours that don’t show up dirt too well, i.e. Navy, Black, Grey, Olive.

Key features: Keep an eye out for water-resistant materials ideally, but if you’re a real canvas kicks fan, then invest in some Crep Protect – A must have shoe spray, to help stop your shoes looking grubby. 

How to wear them: Ideal for weekends, especially when you have a lot of ‘activities on your feet’ planned. They will also make a slick back up pair, for if/when your shoes get soaked.

 •    •    •
Chukka Boots
Ft. Trojan Washed, Cavill Washed, Morris Washed, Byron Waxy.

What are they? The Desert Boot’s wet weather’s cousin. Swapping out stain-magnet suede, to wipe-clean-easy leather and – to stop you sliding on wet pavements – they also feature a grippy rubber sole, instead of crepe or smooth leather.

Key features: Grab yourself a style that sits on the ankle or even higher, to ensure your feet won’t get cold & wet.

How to wear them: Pretty much as you would with a pair of Suede Desert boots – match them up with chinos or jeans for the Winter season.

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