Everyone’s favourite season is finally here again! FESTIVAL SEASON. And with you all booking up your Coachella’s & V-Fests’ , we thought we’d show you a few of the top gadgets, gizmos & necessities on the high street, to help with your muddy weekends away!

1. The Lamzac

This is something only from the dreams of festival goers a few years back – an easy, light inflatable sofa/bed anywhere you want!? Ideal. An absolute must have for those mid-afternoon re-charging naps. (Buy Here)



2. The Power Bank

Everyone knows these days, you can’t go any longer than a handful of hours without a working phone..otherwise the universe will implode! So here we have a link for you to shop the best and funniest Charging Phone Banks for you to have attached to your hip throughout your festival weekend. (Browse Here)


3.  The Speaker

To make sure that the party vibe doesn’t die the moment you get back to your tent, definitely invest in some portable speakers! What a way to wake everyone up in the morning too.. (Browse Here)


4. The Cooler

Mmm, there is nothing better than a nice warm, flat beer on a sunny afternoon in a field, am I right?…WRONG. Keep your drinks as cold as they should be at your festival, with this ultra cool, Cool-Bag – which can keep beers & wines cold up to 24 hours! (Buy Here)


5. The Big Body Wipes

You’ve signed up for 72 hours of unbridled hedonism… who’s got time for a shower? Fortunately these towel-sized wet wipes will ensure that faced with 3 days of binge-drinking, dad-dancing, mud wrestling and tent baking, you’ll only have to turn your underwear inside out just the once. (Buy Here)


6. The Tent

Not just a tent, but the Ultimate Pop Up Tent. Because why waste the first day at a festival faffing around with tent poles and pegs. (Buy Here)


There you have it folks. But if you want some more ideas of how to make your weekend away even better, then Click Here.

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