How To Make Leather Shoes Last Longer


As much as we find our ever changing British Weather annoyingly times – Your shoes along with your mood might be suffering. So we’ve put together a few tips for two things: What to do when your lovely work shoes get wet & soggy, and how to make them last much longer than usual.

Before we get into that side of things, here are two main guidelines to remember:

1. “You must think of leather like skin,” . If you simple leave it un-nourished, it will dry out in no time. If you keep it moisturised, it looks healthier for longer. Moisture puts all the life and ‘umph’ back into it.

2. Alternate your shoes often, so you are not walking and wearing the same shoes every day. This will help stop the soles from wearing out, and— additionally if you use shoe trees— these keep the suckers in pretty good shape as well.

What to do when your smart shoes get soggy:

It’s not classed as an everyday wardrobe accessory, however it should be.. We sincerely encourage investing in a quality shoe tree. Here’s a few reasons why: they can add at least six months to the life of your leather shoes. They permit the shoe to dry out in the correct, original shape, rather than curling up at the toe like elf slippers.

Photographed: Oliver Sweeney shoe trees (£49), Oliver Sweeney (£199)

Cedarwood is the top quality shoe tree material as it helps absorbs moisture; plastic shoe trees are not as absorant  and therefore not worth the investment. If you’re not a fan of spending out of this, scrunched newspaper is another option – And number one rule, do not dump your shoes next to a radiator. The soles of the shoes will split/crack, and they’ll also dry out and turn slightly flakey.

What to do if your shoes get those white patchy marks on? Newsflash..It’s not salt from the road, however it is the salt in the leather. You can get rid of it by using distilled white vinegar on a cotton ball, gently rub over white marks in circular motion.

How to make leather shoes last longer—or the best way to polish your smart shoes

Step 1. Cover two fingers with a cloth and apply the polish to the shoe, going from the heel to the toe.

Photographed: Oliver Sweeney shoe polish (£15)

Step 2. Make sure you don’t miss all the nook sand crannies – including between the soles and the uppers, and all around the heel. If you want,  you can use a toothbrush to get into those smaller spots.

Step 3. If you can, slip the shoes in wooden shoe trees and let them be for a short while. This will help the polish really sink in. Over time—an hour or two, or even overnight—this will give your shoes the best boost of moisture.

Step 5. Remove any excess polish off with a good quality shoe brush.

Photographed: Oliver Sweeney shoe brush (£20)

Step 6. To really make your shoes shine, polish the uppers in small circles. You can use an old t-vest or a pair of ladies tights; sounds odd, but this type of texture helps get shoes to a high shine.

.Step 6. Voilà! As Good as the first day you bought them.

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