One of our favourite times of year is round the corner! And if you’re like us.. You’re now panicking about what you can wear / scavenge from the house to make an outfit with – for you halloween party; Then look no further .. Here we have found some of the best Last Minute DIY Halloween Costumes ..all be-it slightly inappropriate.

(Side-note: Majority of these are not recommend for sophisticated, adult halloween parties)


1. “Rigged Twister”

Pretty simple to stick together? Grab a few old colourful tops you don’t mind cutting up & get sticking! We give you “Rigged Twister”.




2. “Mummy”

Easily put together using an old bed sheet and scissors.. (Scissors optional). Assembly on this outfit is pretty self-explanatory also. (Side note – Pretty warm option as well for those cold October nights).



3. “God’s Gift To Woman”

Surely you can find an old box in the garage & a old roll of christmas paper? If you can then Congrats..You can be God’s Gift To Woman. Problem solved.



4. “Men In Black”

It honestly can’t get any easier than this fellas. Got a standard black suit for work? Got a pair of sunnies? Yes & Yes. Enter .. Men In Black Costume.



5. “Walter White”

Probably the comfiest costume out of our choices. Along with pretty easy finds.. Green Shirt, Socks, White boxers & Glasses. Low & behold..You’re now dressed as one of TV’s most iconic characters!



Now our job is over, it’s up to you to get scavenging around the house to make one of these beauties. Remember, this page is dedicated to you Guys out there who have literally just remembered you have a Halloween Party at the weekend. Good Luck!


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