Mistaken identity: Kieran Gibbs (left) was shown a red card despite Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain's handball


Arsene Wenger felt the headache that lack of video technology can cause, especially when an identity crisis occurs. Kieran Gibbs was wrongfully sent off for hand ball in the Arsenal Chelsea game.

The full statement on Marriner by the Professional Game Match Officials went a little like this…

‘Incidents of mistaken identity are very rare and often the result of a number of different technical factors,’ funnily enough, the lack of technical factors is what has let this error occur. Additional technical elements would more than likely have saved the day, although it may cause much embarrassment and reveal too many truths, that the FA, FIFA, UEFA, PGMO and every other official body should stop running and hiding from.

Video replay is definitely not the be all and end all, there are many snags with this. The game is fast, flowing, uninterrupted. Stopping every time a player, official or other team member disagrees with the ref’s decision and the game is stopped for a video replay, well the match would barely get played. You’d have 50 minutes of actual game play and the rest action replay.

Although, our conclusion? It could, and should, have been avoided.  The under-employed fourth official needs putting to work as football’s safety net. Someone to confirm with concise, factual information. Not undermining, not being unnecessarily meddlesome, not a scrutinizing jobs-worth, but a factual confirmation and a vital check on human blunders. The man who prevents any further little disappointments deciding the destination of the title.

What do you make of video technology, action replay? Do you think it’s necessary, or just a time waster?