David Haye’s Vegan Diet and Training for his Next Fight

by Peter Brooker

We recently sent out man in the field, Peter Brooker, AKA Pete ‘The Pressure Cooker’ Brooker (in fairness only he calls himself that) to meet David ‘The Hayemaker’ Haye. (Now there’s a proper name). Here’s what went down..


David Haye's Vegan Diet

David Haye invited the press down to his private gym in Vauxhall for his first training session ahead of his fight on the 10th. Candidly he spoke to CNN, Talk Sport, the tabloids, and little old me about his diet, vegan life, that press scrap with Derek and Rocky 4. The audio version of this can be found here.

Interview with David Haye


Happy birthday David


Yeh 36 today


Do you think you’d be able to beat up the 26-year-old version of yourself?


Yeh I do. When I was 26 I was a Cruiserweight. I’m bigger and stronger now. I was around 90 kilo back then, I’m two stone heavier now just as fast lot more experienced. I would knock out a young version of myself. Wouldn’t like to do it. I’d still be a handful.

Interview David Haye's Vegan Diet

What’s different for you diet wise in your 30’s?


I’m conscious I don’t burn as many calories outside of training. I need to be weary of having unnecessary bad saturated fats, calories that aren’t going to get burned off. I put on body fat if I don’t watch what I eat I won’t have a big plate of carbs at night. In the past I’d have a big plate of pasta just before I went to bed, but not anymore.


Just learnt your vegan, what’s the hardest part about being vegan and the common misconceptions?


The hardest thing is eating out and meeting people in regular restaurants that isn’t vegan. Tough to get a decent meal. Can have a load of sides, but no hearty vegan meals. I’m fortunate I’ve got my own chef, my own nutritionist they work in conjunction, sort out my minerals and all that stuff.


Do you get into the science behind it?

Nah I let them worry about that, that’s their job, I’ll concentrate on fighting.

I find it helps to maintain lean muscle mass. You can have an unhealthy diet, I know vegans that are fat because they eat the wrong volumes of food.


Must take time, preparing all the food having that discipline.


I wouldn’t know, never had to do it. People say they could never be vegan, they probably could if they had other people cook for them. If they said here it is at 8am, 11am, 2pm, 5pm 8pm etc they could do it, it’s the fact they have to go out and do it; it’s time consuming. I say to friends do it one day a week, pick a day and you can schedule. If you can do that, do 3 days off two on etc. You’ll live longer.

David Haye Training David Haye's Vegan Diet

Who got you into it?


I remember Zelgar Mavravich thought Lewis, looked really skinny, typical vegan, he gave Lennox one of his hardest fights, Lennox weighed three stone more, he pushed him to the wire, all the way took all the punches. But look at the jungle Orangutans and chimpanzees they have a 98% vegan diet, our DNA is pretty similar and they’re super strong. Maybe there is something in that.

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I remember hearing a story when you fought Nikoli Valueve, a guy a foot taller than you, that you set a rope up around the gym at the height of his head so you’d know where to jab. As a small dude myself, what other tips can you offer fighting guys who are taller?


I find smaller guys tougher smaller harder than bigger guys. When I fought Mark Mornet he was 5,9” 5,10”?. When they get in close they have shorter arms. They want to get in close I’ve got long arms; I need you away from me. Take a few jabs, get In close. Ultimately just look at Tyson, he was always shorter than his opponents.

David Haye's Vegan Diet

Do you ever get scared?


When I was younger yeah, when I was unsure about my ability, You build confidence through performances.


I saw the press conference with Derek. That looked scary.


Yeah got a bit out of hand a bit messy but resulted in the press wanting us to fight.


But you made up.


Yeh we had a fair and square fight which I won fair and square. We’ve seen each other a few times since and we have a laugh, we get on all right now.

David Haye's Vegan Diet

Favourite rocky film?


Yeh rocky 4, similar I had to go to Germany and fight a big Russian to win my title.


Favourite boxing movie?


I’m going raging bull.


You met them?


Yeah met Stallone and Lungdren lovely guys, not De Niro would love to meet De Niro.

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