We don’t like to deal in stereotypes here at Base London, but travel anywhere in the world and you’ll start to see clear patterns and trends emerging. From mannerisms and customs, to approaches to queuing and the preferred local tipple, there’s a lot of diversity to celebrate in this big wide world of ours – particularly when it comes to sartorial choices. From chic Parisiennes to high end Milanese, gents around the globe are often profoundly influenced by their home cities and nations when it comes to clothing.

With summer holidays trickling mournfully to an end, we thought we’d take you on one last international jolly, to take a closer look at how some of world’s nations scrub up compared to us lot back in old Blighty. Do any of these stereotypical styles apply to you? Do you dress more like a New Yorker or embrace a strong Aussie aesthetic? Let’s find out…

The Australian1Not necessarily at what you might consider the forefront of fashion, the average Aussie bloke is prime for pigeon-holing thanks to decades of beach-based daytime soaps aired on our shores. It may be a too-often-televised cliché, but journey to the Land Down Under and you are going to be confronted by a lot of vests, khaki shorts, sunglasses and flip flops. There aren’t as many hats with dangling corks as you may expect, but the surfer dude stereotype really does hold true.

Anticipate accoutrements you’d wear for a laid back barbie on the hottest day of the year – only at every occasion. With that said, travel to Sydney and you’ll find a strong movement towards a more fashion-forward look amongst the city’s gents. High time, Bruce.

The Brit

According to stylist Jeff Lack, one the discerning features of the fashion-savvy British bloke’s approach to style is self-expression. Unlike many of the gentlemen of the world, our more fashionable chaps don’t give a fig about conforming; instead we place value on small, individual details which express something about us.

In summary, we’re subtle fashion renegades with a touch of class. We knew there was a reason why our array of fine footwear was so diverse at Base London. Take a look at our complete range to discover footwear inspired by British greats including inventor Michael Faraday. Do you agree with this assessment of male British style? Have your say on our Facebook page.

The New Yorker
3It’s time to get your Don Draper on as we dive into the sharply tailored world of New York menswear. While the vast melting pot that is the Big Apple encompasses styles of all stripes, the most finely turned out chaps in the big city embody a clean cut look which is all about the quality of the garments – albeit with a forward thinking twist. Forget about the nostalgia you might expect from chic London attire, these guys are all about the future.

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