How to Style Loafers & Socks

How to wear Loafers Base London Guide for SS19

We often get asked what is the best way to style loafers. Should loafers be worn with socks? Can I wear loafers to the office?

Here at Base London we have put a couple of loafer style boards together for you that might inspire you.


How to wear loafers with socks

We noticed that when it came to wearing socks with loafers, it aligned more with casual wear. Men can still wear socks with loafers and it does compliment the look, but the ankle sock or the no-sock look, shows off the tailoring of the trouser which men are keen to exploit.

A decent rockabilly look, can be to wear white socks with the loafer – like Alex Turner has styled his loafers. The black jeans, white t-shirt and dual white Breton striped jacket is all perfectly punctuated with the white socks and black loafers.

Alternatively, rather than wearing loafers to show off the tailoring on a trouser, you can wear the loafers to show off some statement socks. If you’re into statement socks look no further than Oybo Socks. They sell none matching socks; one sole two pairs.




How to style Loafers like David Gandy

Ft. Strike Hi Shine

How to wear loafers the David Gandy way

One man that loves a good loafer is David Gandy. David and Ryan (Gosling) are huge advocates of the loafer, however, David Beckham is not. We failed to source one picture of David Beckham wearing loafers – so I’m guessing it’s just not his thing.

Notice how David Gandy likes to mix up his loafer style. In one picture he is lying on some stairs wearing loafers, in another he is on a fold out chair, leaning against a ladder. Sometimes David likes to wear his loafers just standing up.

Notice also the leg of the trouser is quite short, and they’re flat fronted and fitted, not skinny or tapered. Trousers like these would typically look too short if worn with socks and brogues, but they suit the style of the loafer here.

For health and safety reasons we should state that it’s not recommended to place a ladder by a doorway. I’m sure David has put a no entry sign on the door, letting his house guests know that he’s modelling with the ladder, on the other side.




How to wear loafers with white trousers

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How to wear loafers with White Trousers

Another common theme when it comes to wearing loafers is going full on preppy style! The white, or off white chino or jean really makes that loafer stand out. It’s a great opportunity to show off some blues, the blue shirt, blue blazer etc.

You can style white trousers with any colour of loafer, although pairing the colour of the loafer with your belt is always recommended.




How to wear loafers in the office

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Can I wear Loafers to the office? 

Whilst we see a lot of stylish men in great looking suits wearing loafers, loafers aren’t prevalent in offices here in the UK. A typical office suit wouldn’t be as ostentatious as the ones you see in that picture.

An office suit would be typically a matching two piece in more formal colours such as charcoal or navy. A lot of city workers wear pinstripes or chalk stripes suits and don’t indulge in dandyism.

If you’re the boss or your office doesn’t require you to obey a strict dress code, then you could certainly use that chance to show off your loafers.




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