At Base London we’re huge advocates of the Espadrilles. It’s a very relaxed slip on that doesn’t need to be “beach wear exclusive”. We’ve put together many different style boards that will hopefully help to inspire you, to rock your Espadrilles this season.


Espadrille Style



Which famous style icons wore Espadrilles?

Many style icons have adopted the Espadrille style statement. Jason Statham is a fan, Humphrey Bogart, Cary Grant and when John Wayne hung up his cowboy boots he switched over to his beloved slip-ons.


Did James Bond wear Espadrilles?

You’re darn right he did. Sean Connery rocked a pair of light blue canvas espadrilles, with double elastic gussets, with no socks in the movie Thunderball.

This way he can still plant his feet if he needs to do a judo chop. Not an easy move in sandals or flip flops.


Espadrille Style

Ft Stage Weave


How to wear Espadrilles, can I suit up?

It can make a lot of sense to style your suits with slip-ons in the summer months. You want to maintain a smart look, but sometimes the heat can really suck all the joy out of wearing a suit.

Not everyone can afford the super-light 150 merino wool or linen bespoke suits. This is when the Espadrille really has it’s time in the sun – pardon the pun.

The shoes cover the feet to protect them, but the canvas is still light enough to allow the feet to breathe. Meaning you can still circulate your body heat effectively, whilst wearing a layer or two more than is called for.



Espadrille Style


Is there a secret on How to wear Espadrilles?

It’s really a look you can make your own at this time of year. Because of their naturally low stance which reveals the ankle, it makes it a natural look for the beach.

However, since Coco Chanel launched her houses’ Espadrilles back in the 1930’s adopting nautical styles and then Yves Saint Laurent designed them with wedges in the early 1970s, it’s meant that the Espadrilles has always been capable of rebranding itself.

It evolves over time and men can incorporate the Espadrille into many looks and make it their own. Check out (above) the gentleman wearing his out in the rain, you wouldn’t think it but the Base London Espadrilles come with volcanized rubber soles, that means it’s not as porous as you might think.

Notice how the gentleman on the right has paired the Breton striped shirts with the same colours on his Espadrilles. A perfectly executed look.


Espadrille Style

Ft. Stage Weave, Tent Weave, Keel Suede

How to wear Espadrilles? Do I have to turn up my jeans?

We’ve done some research on this and the critical mass is saying yes. However, unlike with chukkas where men are more inclined to roll the cuffs of their denim in chunk knots, the roll you should be going for is minimal. Ideally no more than an inch.

The roll should also be compact and tidy so not to undo all the hard work done with the rest of the time it took to style your look.

Notice in one of the pictures above someone has worn cuffed trousers. This works perfectly well also, so long as there is enough ankle on display.

The only time you might not roll the cuff on your trouser is if you’re wearing chinos that fall to a naturally good length. See below in the Beach guide style.


Espadrille Style


And here we have it! If the ‘How to wear Espadrilles’ question is causing you to lose sleep, then hopefully these style boards will give you some direction. Notice that the beach style board above doesn’t feature anyone in Bermuda shorts or a Man UTD away kit.

Your beach-wear game should always be on a par with the rest of your wardrobe. Yes you’re on holiday, but pictures will be taken, report cards will be filled out and social media will judge you all.. so make sure to not let your style slip.







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