How to wear chukka boots david beckham

Ft. Perry Burnished Suede

Have you figured out yet how to wear Chukka Boots? 

Are you unsure if they’re too casual for a business meeting, or for a first date? What sort of Chukka boot suits your style? Suede uppers or hi-shine leather? Well, welcome to Chukka school gentlemen! At Base London we’ve been scrapbooking some style boards together that should hopefully give you some inspiration on how to wear Chukka Boots.

Let’s start with the maestro, David Beckham. David’s here in full force wearing his light tan suede Chukka Boots. He chooses not to turn up his denim with his Chukka Boots, instead he has some mild stacks just above the ankle, but the denim is not squashed or hurried in any way.

Nor is the fit of the jean tapered or skinny around the thigh. Notice also the colours of his outfit are dark in comparison to the tan chukkas, which breaks up the look effectively.


how to wear chukka boots with laces

Ft. Perry Burnished Suede

In case you’re wondering what the key difference is between a chukka boot and a Chelsea boot, notice a Chelsea boot will never have laces and the chukka boot will typically have 2 or 3.

An interesting style tip to distinguish your chukka boots, would be to add some contrast to the laces. Not only does it draw people’s attention towards the shoe, but you can then pair the lace colour with another garment or accessory like a bag or a belt.


how to wear chukka boots leather

If you’d rather opt for the leather chukka boot, then you might want to check out this styling board. You’ll get a lot of mileage of out some brown waxy chukka boots, as the colours can pair well with cream chinos, charcoal suit trousers or dark indigo denim.

The Chukka Boot is still a casual boot and shouldn’t be a replacement for your office brogues. They are a perfect boot if you’re not a massive sneaker head and want to wear something more relaxed for the pub or dates.


how to wear chukka boots with suit

How to wear chukka boots with your suit? 

Whilst Chukkas look equally good with jeans or chinos, they also have the ability to dress down a suit for a more relaxed yet formal look.

Notice the suits in the style board aren’t conventional office suits. The colours are neutral, but not formal. So if you have a style that is naturally smart, this could be a nice lateral move through the sartorial gears.

Stay sharp, stay suited, you’re just going down naturally from business to business/casual. Perfect for dates, birthdays, afternoon parties etc.


how to wear chukka boots with turn ups

Ft Devon Washed

It might not be how David Beckham would wear his, but there’s plenty of people that like to roll up the cuff on their denim to show off a chukka boot.

Notice the gentleman wearing his chukka boots on the left hasn’t even done up his laces! Now that’s just plain dangerous.

At Base London we’ve found more pictures of people rolling their denim when styling their chukka boots, which is a good barometer for the style trends of AW19.

Whatever style you choose, whatever colour or material meets your preference, the Chukka is a highly interchangeable boot for any casual or business/casual occasion.


So now you’ve read everything you need to know about Chukka Boots – why not browse our selection and get a pair for yourself!

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