Ft Brigade Washed Boot

How to wear biker boots the old fashioned way 

The Biker book has caressed and protected the feet of many icons during its day. Marlon Brando epitomized the rebel without a cause look in the movie, well, Rebel Without a Cause of course.

Bikers were the weapon of choice for the rockers of the 50’s early 60’s before the mod movement arrived and the biker boot morphed into the Chelsea boot. Although that was true in the UK, the biker boot and the lifestyle was still going strong, with arthouse films like Easy Rider giving birth to a new wave of hipsters.

To a certain extent it would clash with the mod movement in the UK and this breakthrough style of film making would see the likes of George Lazenby hang up his shoes as James Bond thinking the format was dated.

Steve McQueen was a motorbike enthusiast, but few pictures of him seen wearing biking boots can be found on the web.

The 80’s had Mad Maxwhich would see the biker look become synonymous with the anti-hero once more. Tom Cruise has single handedly spearheaded the biker look throughout the last three decades, even managing to crowbar in a motorbike scene in post-apocalyptic films such as The Edge of Tomorrowand Oblivion.



What are Biker boots? 

A true motorcycling boot has to adhere to several important safety parameters; impact and abrasion tests etc.

Many of bikers boots on the market now are fashionable versions that have lifted the silhouette and design features of the original.

The Base London Brigade Washed Brown biker boot is not a certified Biker boot, but it does afford you the look and style without the heft and rigidity.

There have been some innovations on how to wear biker boots in today’s modern society.

Unlike most bikers boots that have to be taken off hole or unlaced, the Brigade Washed Brown and the Kincade Grain Black, gives you the look of a lace up but with the benefit of a quick slip on boot. Notice the zip is on the instep for subtlety.



How to wear biker boots if you don’t have a bike? 

Let’s say you’re not doing the jump over the fountains of Caesars Palace anytime soon. But still like the look of a bikers boot and want to incorporate it into your wardrobe.

Take a look through the style board below. Notice how some gentlemen prefer to cuff their denim at the break, still allowing the denim to fall over the boot. Others want their bikers boot to be seen without obstruction and will roll the denim back beyond the ankle to the shin.

Another way to style the biker boot is to tuck the trouser inside the tongue for a very rugged worker look. This works well with distressed cargo pants and a thickened leather belt.



And the Hiking boot? Is there a difference between the biker boot and the hiker boot?

There is something that distinguishes the hiker boot from its contemporaries and that’s the shearling found inside the leathers. (Not every hike boot or brand will implement this shearling, but it’s a good indicator on what the boot is designed for).

You can see on our Mortar Washed Grey (also available in Tan) below that the shearling coats the leather uppers and tongue for extra warmth for the explorer looking to take on the elements.

If we were to generalise then you could argue that biker boots are designed with more straps/buckles and the hiking boots have high laces for ankle support.

The Base London Elk washed Brown Biker boot has less bells and whistles that your traditional biker boot making it more accessible for wear in modern times.


Ft. Mortar Burnished Boot

Not exclusive to biker boots, but the large canvas of leather around the ankle can always be utilised for creativity.

If you’re looking for ideas on how to wear biker boots creatively then check out our style board below. The Biker boot can be augmented, distressed, tattooed or preserved in its natural state depending on how adventurous or conservative you are.



Surely now you’re in the mood to update your Biker Boot footlocker!.. So why not browse our collection?