How To Stand Out At Work

For our last Base London manual installment, we have Lifestyle & Fashion Blogger, Carl Thompson. To finish off our series of style guides, Carl is showing off some top tips and hacks on how to dress to stand out at work. Now we all know the office wardrobe is usually the last thing you think about ‘spicing up’, but here we have some easy & very do-able style rules to obaide by, to shed some light on an otherwise stale suit.


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Now as everyone knows, it’s quite boring to go to work every morning and all you see is a “sea of boxy grey suits & worn out brogues” . We’re all guilty of not always keeping our work shoes ship, shape & shiny, along with getting in the habit of wearing the same washed out shirts & ties – So now is the time to kick that habit!

So let’s start with one of the most important rules “to have a well organised tie draw”. Your tie is usually the first eye catching part of any suit, so build your tie collection full of colourful, stylish & chic ties to take your pick from each morning. Carl “personally likes to stand out” – by keeping his colour tones quite classic yet fresh at the same time.


How to stand out at work

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“Try mixing light colours with darker coloured suits”. Experiment and branch out from your normal shades – we’re not saying opt for a bright red suit, but for example “Pinstripes for the summer isn’t a bad idea – just make sure it fits well!”.


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” A well fitted suit is telling everyone around you, that you have acknowledged some fundamental styling rules”. Even the nicest looking suit can look off & wrong if it doesn’t fit you properly. So treat yourself if you can & get yourself measured, so you can look even sharper.


how to stand out at work


Now onto the part of the suit routine that most of you will forget about on a busy morning – Accessories. “Accessories go a long way” , but the skill is in the styling and in the details.


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For office / formal wear –  invest in the smaller things. “I’m a big fan of bracelets and watches, and decking out my shirts with tie pins and collar bars too”.

Then matching it with a pair of hi shine Derby’s and coloured socks.. these will definitely make you stand out.


Office Shoes - Bexley Hi Shine & Orion Washed

Bexley Hi Shine

Bexley Hi Shine

Ft. Bexley Hi Shine Bordo & Orion Washed Navy


Now remember – “Let your shoes speak for themselves”. You want to look stylish, but effortless at the same time! This said and done, you’ll turning heads in the office for all the reasons.


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