How To Dress For “Office Casual Friday”


If you’ve always taken ‘Causal Friday’ to mean ‘An Excuse To Wear Your Slobbiest Outfit’ then you need to re-think your style game. You can’t forget you’re still at the office, therefore no matter the day, vibe or weather – you still need to put an effort in. Additionally – and most importantly – what you wear to wear can also distinguish if/where you go out after work —whether to dinner or to the pub –  you don’t want to have to start worrying about what you’ve got on.. You should just be enjoying your evening out. Simple.

As a general idea, you may want to swap out your favourite pair of jeans for some chinos. Chinos are just as comfortable as denim jeans, but they give off a more smarter feel. They’ll for sure help you get away with a more overall casual outfit as well.

Here we have some of our best “Casual Friday” Style tips.


If you usually wear a suit

Img. – Photographed: Oliver Spencer grey blazer (£349), Gitman White Oxford shirt (£149), Norse Projects navy twill chinos (£100)

Opt For: Textured blazer, Navy Chinos, White Crisp Shirt & Black Shoes.

Why it works: If your office is quite the ‘Smart Suit Vibe’ normally – and you can’t really get away with going from one extreme to the other, then this is an easy option. By keeping to a white shirt and smart features such as the dark chinos, your not exactly far off from your usual work wardrobe.

Look for: Brogues or Derby style shoes are looked at to be more casual than Oxford shoes, so stocking to these styles are a good bet if you want to keep up appearances, but don’t want to look too suited & booted.

We would obviously recommend a stylish pair of Base London brogues for occasions such as this. Ft. Turner Washed Black Brogues.

Base London – Turner Washed Black

Avoid: On “Dress Down” days, don’t forget to pay extra detail to fitting. Going for Slim/Skinny fits will add an extra ‘Smart/Casual’ element to your style.


If you have a day of meetings in the calendar

Img. – PhotographedOliver Spencer grey blazer (£349)Oliver Spencer blue chambray shirt (£99)Norse Projects navy twill chinos (£100) 

Opt For: Textured blazer, chambray shirt, navy chinos, brogue boots

Why it works: Most of the smart necessities are there—jacket, shirt, smart trousers, leather shoes—which results in not looking too out of place in any office meetings. However, the more chilled materials including tweed (jacket), twill (chinos) and chambray (shirt) — Additionally the untucked shirt look — makes it clear you’ve gone more casual than office smart. This look shows off the smart-casual vibe so well, you can feel confident about wearing this style to meetings with marketing agents or the big boss themselves.

Look out for: Choose a blazer that has not got shoulder pads, or if it has to have shoulder pads, make sure they’re light: this will always look less constructed than your usual suited look. Also style a shirt that looks good when it’s untucked. For example, a curved hem is a winner. If the chambray shirt makes this feel a bit too relaxed and casual, then don’t hesitate to try a white Oxford shirt instead.

For days like these, we would highly recommend our Troop or Manby Washed Brogue Boots.

Base London – Troop Washed Tan

Avoid: Official Formal shirts sometimes have much longer hems, which definitely won’t look as good untucked. For the jacket option, keep away from the sheen/shiny materials you might see in suits; you’re better off with matte cotton fabric or wool.


If your office is casual, but you might be pulled into a client meeting

Img. – Photographed: Gitman white Oxford shirt (£145), RRL slim selvedge jean (£215), Whistles brown Derby shoe (£165)

Opt for: Simple, White Oxford shirt, indigo/dark jeans, yellow mustard socks, brown lace-up leather shoes.

Why it works: The smaller details of styling go much further in a creative office environment, and that’s why we wanted add a splash of colour with the socks in this look. The easiness of this outfit, is that the shirt and footwear give off a smart vibe, so you could easily throw on a casual blazer and be ready for a meeting.

Look for: As little detailed extras as possible. You might try turning up the trousers to show off those nice colourful socks? Just a thought..

For this look we’ve chosen our chic Trader Washed Brown shoes.

Base London – Trader Washed Brown

Avoid: As fun as it may seem, don’t try to coordinate your socks to another section of your outfit. For example, a light blue shirt and bright, bold blue socks – will look too planned. Instead, wear neutral colours (like white, navy, denim and stone) and choose whatever colourful socks you like.


If everyone else will be wearing jeans

Img. – Photographed: Oliver Spencer blue chambray shirt (£99), Norse Projects navy twill chinos (£100) 

Opt for: Chambray/lumberjack shirt, navy/dark chinos, suede chukka boots

Why this works: In a mainly jeans-wearing office, chinos can be a nice, stylish way to set  yourself apart (without looking too over-dressed). The chambray/lumberjack shirt and suede desert boots keeps your look casual but still sophisticated.

Look for: Each piece of this outfit, can be seen as a statement. So make sure to go for simple yet modern options, so its not too over-shadowing.

We would recommend a pair of our Charlton Old Gold Suede Chukka Boot.

Base London – Charlton Old Gold.

Avoid: Baggy, loose fitting sizes, this will make the look immediately too casual and bordering on the unflattering side.


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