We defy anyone who claims they don’t like chips. French fries are nice, but a nice chunky chip, crispy on the outside and light and fluffy on the inside will satisfy any craving or hunger.

Extremely simple to make and without the need for industrial cookers (only a cooking thermometer), we will explain how to make the perfect chunky chips.


4 Maris Piper potatoes (Maris Piper are the best for chips)

Sunflower Oil


To Make

– Peel the potatoes and slice lengthways into 1cm thick fingers.

– Remove excess starch by rinsing thoroughly under plenty of cold water.

– Lay the fingers onto kitchen paper and pat dry.

– Heat a deep, thick-bottomed saucepan half full of sunflower oil to 130C, this is where you need to use the thermometer.

– With a large, metal, slotted spoon, slowly lower the potato fingers (as many will fit without overcrowding) into the oil and fry for 10mins or until they are cooked, but not browned.

– Remove the chips, using the spoon you used to put them on a big wad of kitchen paper. Fry the remaining chips by repeating the above process.

– Leave the chips to cool on the side until they are ready to be served.

– Reheat the oil to 190C and (again with the slotted metal spoon) lower the par cooked chips into the oil and cook for 4-5mins or until a nice golden brown.

– Remove the chips and drain onto Kitchen paper

– Serve and devour!

IMPORTANT: Danger, never leave a pan of hot oil unattended!

Homemade Chips