Are your favourite kicks looking a bit worse for wear? We feel your pain. When you’ve got a dependable pair which look spot on with all your get-up, it’s hard to say goodbye. But ditching your old daps shouldn’t be your first port of call. With a little bit of nous, you can give your trusty trainers a revamp which will help you squeeze at least a few months’ more wear out of them. We’ve put together a quick and easy guide to help you hang on to your favourite trainers for longer – and it takes mere minutes.


1. Lather up your laces

1Dirt, dust and grime can leave your laces looking lacklustre. The first step in your trainer cleaning regime is to sort this out, stat! Unlace your shoes and fill a bowl with warm water and detergent. Add a splash of bleach and pop your laces into the mix. Swirl them around until clean, then lie them out flat to dry. A warm radiator is a good spot for this.


2. Deal with the dirt2Now it’s time to exercise a bit of elbow grease. Wipe your shoes well with a damp cloth to remove any surface dirt. Then, use an old toothbrush to scrub out any stubborn spots. Don’t forget to take care of your soles to ensure your trainers are well and truly grime free.


3. Scrub your shoes3Invest in a good shoe cleaner which has been designed for the colour and material of your shoes. Suede, for example, needs to be treated differently to canvas. Once you’ve picked up a good shoe cleaner, squirt it onto a damp shoe brush and start scrubbing, creating a good lather as you work.


4. Rinse & perfect4Once your kicks are looking clean and fresh, rinse off the lather and find yourself a microfibre cloth. These cloths are great for removing little leftover marks, just rub over the stained area to get rid of those final scuffs and imperfections.


Protect your pride & joy5Huzzah! Your trainers are looking good as brand spanking new again, and we’ll warrant that you’ll want to keep them that way for as long as possible. Invest in a good protective spray and squirt liberally over your freshly revamped trainers. If you want to take things to the next level, putting duct tape inside the cuffs of any new jeans will prevent them from staining your shoes in future.


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