There have been some encouraging blue skies and mild conditions around recently. We don’t want to get ahead of ourselves, but all signs point to the fact that spring may finally be on its way. The season of khaki three quarter lengths worn with 6 year old trainers, the season of dodgy short-sleeved shirts and even more dubious sunglasses…

If you want to steer clear of these springtime fashion faux pas, Team Base have been keeping an eye on the catwalks, red carpets, lookbooks and Instagram feeds to make sure you look spot on this spring.

1. Got The Blues


50 Shades of Grey may be the movie of the moment, but when it comes to menswear the spring it’s going to be 50 shades of blue. Slimming, versatile, easy to wear and likely already lurking in your cupboards, this trend is an excellent low maintenance way to look just the ticket. Pair multiple shades for contemporary edge. Oh, and you should probably consider adding our new navy Woburns to your collection too. Just a thought…


2. Show Some Skin


If you’re a body confident kind of bloke, this is the season for you. And no, we don’t mean sweatily strolling the city centre shirtless with work boots, cut offs, sunburn and beer belly in tow. A slashed neck, a slightly unbuttoned shirt, a bit of midriff – a glimpse is all you need to be on the money come springtime. Bare if you dare, but be sure to accessorise with plenty of layers to tone it down a bit.

3. Do It In Denim


If you’re not a flamboyant Adonis, don’t worry, there are plenty more wearable trends out there this season. Denim, for example, is still a big deal. This spring it’s got less of a cowboy feel and more or a corporate kind of vibe. Don’t worry about double denim, it’s a good look in 2015, as is triple denim for that matter. Just make sure it’s sharply tailored to get this look right.

4. Get Into Print


Spring always sees a rise in popularity for print. But this season they’re more creative than ever. From bold, painterly looks to subtler floral styles, go for an expressive, unusual print that really catches the eye to get it right this time around. The name of the game this time is clash and contrast. Stick to the “just one thing” rule for a subtler approach with bags of fashion kudos.

5. Baggy Trousers



Sick of slim fit and skinny jeans? It’s time for a bit of jubilation as fashionable legs everywhere are liberated in looser fitting legwear. From pleated waists, to wider leg jeans, it’s high time to loosen up after years of skinny fits.

What’s your take on SS/15’s menswear trends? Which will you be avoiding and which will you be embracing? Let Base London know on Facebook – or give us a head’s up via Twitter @base_london