So, you might be that age where you have your big School, College or Uni Prom Night coming up in the next month or so?! If this sounds like you, then you best start to get some prep work up your sleeve! Here we have noted down some of the best & worst ideas & antics from Proms around the world.

So either get inspired or cringe at our ‘Guide To A Perfect Prom’ – from Tuxedo Disasters to making the best Prom Proposal, make sure  you realise who you should and shouldn’t follow in the footsteps of!


1. Best Prom Proposals  

Want to come up with the most creative Prom Proposal Ideas for the lucky chosen one; so they can’t say no?..Take a look at some of these guys & get thinking!




| Just cause.. Why not be grand? prom6-1













| Let’s face it.. A funny way of being honest.













| Food bribery is also another way to go.














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2.  Keep Your Tuxedo Simple & Stylish.

Do not make the mistakes these chaps made with their Tux’s.




| Unless you & your friends are trying to win ‘Jokers of the Year’. Never, ever copy this look.






| Prom is not fancy dress. Actually spring for some sort of Tux.













| Tux rentals aren’t too pricey. Do not try and DIY a version of a Tux. Especially from soda cans.








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3.  Everyone likes to make an entrance to their Prom. Can you out-do any of these?



| No idea how they acquired this “Vehicle”. But we can admit it’s pretty awesome!







|  Hilarious (& Safe) way to scoot into Prom.









| Handy & sturdy way to get to Prom.. If you have a spare JCB lying around.







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4. Dancing is a very important part of Prom! Try your very best not to get too tiddily and embarrass yourself.



| Like having a stare off with your date while dancing.




giphy shaking







| Or thinking you can dance even slightly like Beyonce..



will smith




| However, we do invite you to dance like this by the end of the night.









5. Unlike the Prom antics above, your Prom photo can stick with you forever..So make sure it’s a goodun. 



| Just..why?



















| Not sure why they thought ‘The Weather’ was a spot on Prom Theme.



















| If you really can’t find a date .. I guess this is the next best route.









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